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Communicate Clear Calls to Action

Clear Calls to Action

Want to close more sales or increase productivity? Learn to communicate clear calls to action that compel your listener to act.

Start your meeting with why in mind - girl bored sitting in meeting

Identify The Why

Employee believe 71% of meetings are considered unproductive. Find their 'why' and they'll find value in what you have to say.

Actions Speak Louder Than Words - How Leaders Earn Trust and Respect

Actions Speak Louder

We are in a crisis of leadership where trust and respect between leaders and employees grow. Don't let feelings be your guide. Find out why.

Technical blunders cost remote workers credibility - mom remote working with her daughter being silly and disruptive in the background

Technical Blunders Cost

We are well beyond the grace period for people to forgive our technical blunders. Why do virtual employees continue to make them?

Accountability requires intentionality if you want employees to deliver

Hybrid Team Intentionality

Today's working world requires intentionality. If you want employees to consistently deliver, you must hold them consistently accountable.

Show up consistently to earn trust

Show Up Consistently

In a virtual environment, listeners only see what we are willing to show them. If you want to earn trust, consistency is key!

4 Ways to Effectively Engage and Interact with Visual Aids

Interact with Visual Aids

Stop competing with visual aids for attention. To earn and keep attention, the relationship you need is with your listener, not your slide deck.