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Stacey Hanke, Inc. is dedicated to empowering leaders within organizations to communicate with confidence, presence, and authenticity, every single day. With a collective experience of over 100 years, our team of mentors and consultants has successfully collaborated with executives, managers, technicians, and sales leaders across the United States and on four different continents.

Our diverse backgrounds range from news and entertainment to sales and marketing, recruitment, diversity and inclusion, organizational development, and investor relations. We are proud to have several of our team members recognized as keynote speakers.

While one-on-one mentoring provides personalized support, our workshops involve two members of the Stacey Hanke team to ensure maximum interaction. Regardless of the approach, our ultimate goal is never to change who you are, but rather to assist you in confidently and consistently expressing your true self, day after day, from Monday to Monday.®


Stacey Hanke, CPAE, Keynote Speaker, Executive Coach

In 2022, Stacey was inducted into the National Speaker’s Association CPAE Speaker Hall of Fame - designated to less than 200 members worldwide. As a Certified Speaking Professional, she plays a pivotal role in how influence shapes leaders and prompts people create momentum and act.

Her research has led thousands of Fortune 1000 executives to rid themselves of communication habits that diminish their influence, reputation and credibility.

She has inspired thousands as a featured guest in The New York Times, Forbes, Entrepreneur, Thrive, SmartMoney magazine, The Economist and Business Week.

Her work ethic was forged in childhood, growing up on a farm. She gave up the pitchfork to take her message across the country and help leaders see and hear what their audiences see and hear rather than what they believe to be true.

Stacey gives executives what has been described as the “greatest gift of all” – to see themselves as others see them.


John Thomas, Director of Sales

John is a highly accomplished financial services executive with over 30 years of Fortune 100 and Global 500 industry experience. His expertise lies in fostering innovation and developing strategies that consistently exceed results in sales, marketing, service, operations, and customer experiences.

John has built and managed multiple teams, leading the creation and delivery of numerous sales and service training programs and contributing to the professional development of individuals within his organizations.

He continued investing in future leaders' talent development as an Adjunct Professor at Ohio University’s Business School.

John received a BS in Business Admin and Management from Franklin University, Columbus, OH, and a
Masters of Science in Management with Specialization in Leadership from The American College, Bryn Mawr, PA.


Mindy Geraets, Director of Client Relationships, Executive Coach / Sr. Instructor

Mindy has over 18 years of experience working with healthcare professionals and business leaders. As a communication coach, she helps clients express their authenticity while increasing their influence as communicators.

She began her career working in pharmaceutical sales and field sales training. Those roles revealed her strengths in sales performance, strategic business planning, and training facilitation. In 2010, Mindy took her skills to the next level and founded an integrative healthcare company. Her team served individuals and organizations with therapeutic options that improve quality-of-life outcomes.

As a business leader in her community, she has served as president and board member of a local business association. The association supports over 200 business members through marketing, advocacy, education, and community events.

Mindy earned her B.S. in Biology from the University of Notre Dame.


Julie Schuster, Executive Coach / Sr. Instructor

Julie’s professional experience shows her commitment to education. She has worked in admissions at the University of Iowa and the Milwaukee School of Engineering, where she represented the universities at the local and national levels. Julie has extensive experience in recruitment, keynote addresses, and question-and-answer situations. She also worked with adult learners at the Milwaukee School of Engineering, coordinating executives' Lean, Six Sigma, and project management training. Her participation in executive-level training allows her to incorporate that learning into her workshop. Julie has a passion for continuous improvement, coaching, mentoring, and helping people be the best version of themselves.

She earned her B.S. in Sociology at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse and her M.S. in College Student Personnel with an emphasis in Counseling at Indiana State University. Julie lives in the Milwaukee area with her husband. They have 2 adult sons.


Crystal Hanke, Director of Business Development, Executive Coach / Sr. Instructor

Crystal has worked with sales and training executives for over ten years, helping them enhance their selling and influence skills. She started with a career in marketing communications for the animal health industry. Her passion for sales and training led to a successful biologic specialty sales career, where she developed and delivered sales and communication training to sales teams and executives.

Today, Crystal focuses on delivering techniques that enhance executives' presence and influence through improved communication and engagement techniques.

Crystal is a President’s Club recipient, Personal Sales Best for 12 consecutive weeks and STAR winner. She holds a B.A. in Marketing Communications and a B.A. in Animal Science from the University of Wisconsin-River Falls.


Amy O'Day, Director of Learning Experiences

Amy has over 20 years of exceptional administrative and customer services skills. She completed her higher education at the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh with a Bachelor of Arts degree in the Psychology program. Amy has worked in retail, health care, manufacturing, and business environments tackling everything from HR to customer service, purchasing, and administrative duties. Her passion is helping her team in all facets of the behind-the-scenes operations.

Originally from beautiful Door County, Wis., Amy has settled in the heart of the Fox Valley area with her husband and three children.


Lisa Lorbiecki, Director of Business Operations

Lisa has worked more than 20 years in the health care arena. Her career began as surgical coordinator with the Green Bay Eye Clinic. Lisa's main emphasis was on developing employees, coordinating all areas of the surgical office operations, while working with the leading opthalmalogist in the Green Bay area. While working at Wisconsin Oculoplastics, she focused on patient care in all aspects of the practice. From her past work experience she thinks the importance of communication skills is a vital part of our working world and personal lives.

Her education is a B.A. in Business Administration from Lakeland College, Sheboygan, Wis., along with an Associate degree in Medical Office Mid-Management from Northeast Wisconsin Technical College - Green Bay. Lisa is located in Cecil, Wis., along with her husband and two daughters.


Misty Mercado, Director of Marketing Communications, Instructor

Misty is a marketing communications professional skilled in brand building and reputation management. For the past 20 years, she has advised executives and strategized for publicly owned, privately held and government organizations. Her diverse industry background provides a wealth of knowledge and experience for those she works with. Misty’s work with organizations such as Time Warner and the Air Force Special Operations Command has earned her numerous awards, such as the National Chairman’s Award and the Public Affairs Communication Excellence. She is passionate about her work and remains committed to helping others succeed professionally.

Misty earned her Bachelor of Journalism from the University of Texas, an M.B.A. from Regis University, and a M.S. in Integrated Marketing Communications from West Virginia University. Continuing her life-long love of learning, she is pursuing a Doctor of Strategic Leadership from Liberty University.


Jodi Sodemann, Instructor

Jodi is a high-performing, insightful communications professional and relationship builder. She has more than 20 years of corporate communications experience working with one of the largest health systems in Wisconsin and a Fortune 100 financial services company. Jodi served as a communications consultant and strategist for large teams and executives at both organizations, helping them balance complex business environments with empathy and influence. She earned her B.A. in journalism with English minor at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.


Laura Averette, Executive Assistant

Laura has over 10 years of administrative and customer service skills. She has worked alongside business owners and high-level executives for four years, providing exceptional administrative support and client care. Her passion is supporting her team in all facets of the behind-the-scenes operations.

She resides in beautiful East Tennessee with her husband and four children.


I’ve worked with several communication “experts” over my career, and Stacey and her team are the only ones who have consistently impressed me with their coaching skills and style. They are supportive, creating a safe (and even fun) environment for testing their techniques and learning how they affect our presence and influence. It would be easy for them to point out our flaws and leave us feeling deflated, but Stacey and her team have mastered the art of helping us see the skills that need work and giving us the confidence to conquer them. Before working with Stacey, I didn’t pay attention to these details and didn’t realize the impact they had on my perceived leadership, and while I’m still a work-in-process, I’ve made (and continue to make!) so many improvements that have enhanced my brand.

Holly Touchstone

Consistency, Monday to Monday, is a phrase that has woven its way into many of my team’s business engagements these past few years. Stacey is a change agent, bringing inspiring insights and practical applications to the consistent levels of influence that many aspire to – though may struggle to achieve. Influence, when focused on as a key contributor to success, benefits from intentional practice and a commitment to grow. Stacey is gifted in both the skills required, and the coaching necessary, to influence in a world of overcrowded communications.

James Blacka

The Take 5® approach is a way for busy executives to master a very difficult skill: Executive Presence. Take 5® is going to take professional development to the next level.


By committing just a few minutes at a time for 52 weeks, you will find more opportunities to practice your communication skills and retain the impact of the program for the long term. Not to mention the quality of the training materials is outstanding!


An engaging program that provides the tools to improve how effective you are in your communication style. Stacey accomplishes this with little time investment, but with thought-provoking tools.


I highly recommend Stacey Hanke, Inc. They’re clearly talented and experienced communication experts. They bring an effective approach to improving the skills of their clients without attempting to change their client’s communication style. They demonstrated a unique ability to quickly and easily connect with our group, which established instant credibility in their work. I left with techniques that can be applied immediately in practice.


Stacey is a top-notch public-speaking coach and teacher. She and her team have a solid and proven method for teaching us how to be the best communicators we can be. I experienced that training first-hand and continue to see tangible improvements in my speaking style and methods. Her strategies work, and as a result, we have had her return a number of times to share her training methods with as many people as we can at here at Johnson Controls. I highly recommend her and her team.


“The Stacey Hanke, Inc. team demonstrates impeccable professionalism. Stacey and her team work fluidly with us to discuss and meet program objectives. They provide resources and options so we can continue to advance the skills of our workforce talent after the end of the initial session. Their workshop sessions have been described by our participants as the best training they ever received.”


“I will be honest, I was nervous about how effective this course would be, given it was 100% virtual. The instructor did a wonderful job of keeping participants engaged and active despite us all being at different locations and having the “itch” to check-in on work.”


“Stacey Hanke Inc has long been a valued partner in our leadership development initiatives. Because an important focus for us is helping our established and emerging leaders refine their influence skills, the Stacey Hanke Inc programs play an important role in our strategy.”



Helping connect, engage and motivate international firms Monday to Monday®.



Many leaders misunderstand what it means to have influence. Outdated paradigms and technological distractions challenge leaders to connect with others, communicate effectively and influence the actions necessary for success.

As a result, they unknowingly sabotage themselves AND their team's likelihood of success.

In the thought-provoking book Influence Redefined, Stacey Hanke introduces her powerful Influence Model, a step-by-step method for improving communication and producing the type of influence that moves people to action long after an interaction.

She dispels common influence myths and instructs leaders on how to stop self-sabotage and start connecting in a way that creates a lasting impression.