Earn Trust with Consistency

87% of respondents expect a response to their emails within 24 hours, yet 65% of emails go unanswered entirely.

When people never know what to expect with you, how can they possibly trust you?

Have you ever noticed how long it takes for others to respond to your email or return your phone call. It’s frustrating. As you wait for a response, you wonder – did they miss your message, or did they just choose not to respond? Should you message again, or do you fear annoying them? It’s challenging to break through and engage them. After a while, you struggle to trust their ability to follow through on anything. If they can’t respond to an email in a timely manner, how can you trust them to deliver on a commitment?

Now, let’s flip the script.

Ask yourself, how many people do you leave hanging in wait for a response? How many people lack trust in your ability to do what you say you’ll do?

Your level of success depends on how consistently you communicate; yet, consistency is the one thing missing from today’s workplace.  In fact, a 2020 study revealed that 65% of emails are ignored!


We tend to back burner specific people or projects and put off responding altogether because we don’t see a clear call to action or we don’t prioritize the message and sender. It’s that inconsistency that costs trust and hurts our personal brand.

Without consistency, even the best communicators can be misinterpreted or dismissed.

Consider Starbucks. The stores provide you with a consistent experience, products, and a consistent service you can count on. Would you be as devoted to the brand if they weren’t?

Your personal brand is no different. If you want the trust required to be influential in the workplace, your actions must consistently match your words, Monday to Monday.

When others experience your consistent follow through, they learn to trust you and know what to expect in every interaction, every time

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