Ditch Meeting Madness

Did you know that 67% of employees agree that meetings are too long? And yet, leaders are doing nothing about it.

The way we conduct meetings has changed because the way we work has changed.

No longer do we collectively gather in a conference room engaging face-to-face. Now, meetings are a collection of online and in-person attendees consuming and deciphering information at lightning speed.

Meetings require engagement and interaction to make an impact. The old cookie-cutter approach to round table discussions is a thing of the past. Today, meetings must be memorable for the right reasons so listeners can act on the information conveyed.

Facilitators must now fight the distractions at home and in the office if they want to be heard above the noise.

Shifting how you think about meetings isn’t as hard as it sounds.

First, ask yourself what communication medium will drive action. Maybe a phone call, an email, or a group chat would work better. Don’t host meetings for the sake of it, especially when another platform will do.

Second, negate distractions; don’t fight them. Commit to honoring your listeners' time and attention in a way that is beneficial for them.

Lastly, use the right visual aids. Give your attendees the information they need before attending so they aren’t distracted reading through as you speak. Don’t bore them with details that you can easily share in an email.

For meetings to make an impact, you must earn and keep your listener’s attention. Rise above the meeting madness of the past so you can influence your listeners to act Monday to Monday.®

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