Impact with Brevity

"Good things, when short, are twice as good." - Baltasar Gracián

Using brevity in conversations can increase comprehension and retention rates by up to 50%.

Your message must impact those who hear it to influence listeners. Brevity is the skill of conveying your message in as few words as possible. It communicates your main idea quickly, but it doesn’t come naturally. It requires planning and discipline.

Most professionals believe the more they say, the smarter they sound. Still, over-explanation dilutes your message, creating noise and clutter that is harder to understand and remember.

If you want to influence others to act on your words, use the A-B-Cs of communicating with brevity.

  1. Aim

Before your next conversation, visualize the bullseye of a target. That is where your message must land.

As you prepare for your next conversation, write down the most important message you want listeners to remember from their time with you. Then, you’ll aim to convey that message.

Next, write down no more than three support statements that target your listener’s focus, reinforcing your main message.

  1. Begin

Begin your conversations by conveying the main message first. Leading with your main message provides listeners a laser-like focus on what you want them to know.

Second, communicate the support statements that reinforce your message. Pause throughout your message to ensure it resonates with your listeners.

  1. Conclude

Conclude your message by restating your main point, reinforcing what you want your listeners to remember from your time together.

If you want listeners to remember and act on your words, speak with brevity. It requires preparation and focus.  Pausing allows you to consistently focus on what you need to say to influence action and give your listeners time to follow your message every step.

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