The Impact of Brevity

Are You Really As Influential As You Think You Are?
June 2, 2017
Meetings That Influence
June 30, 2017

Take Action This Week

  • Audio record yourself at least five times this week. Listen to your playback.
    • What are your filler words and phrases?
    • When do you say too much or take too long to get to the point?
    • Where in your message can you pause longer?
  • Ask someone you can trust to interactively coach you when you use filler words or you don’t pause.
  • Write your filler words and the word Pause in your meeting notes, visual aids or at your desk to remind you to communicate with brevity.
  •  Drop me a note to share the action steps you will commit to this month to communicate with brevity.  Tag me on my Facebook page.

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