Communication Mistakes We Cluelessly Make

The Secret to Overcoming Your Resistance to Goals
The Secret to Overcoming your Resistance to Goals
September 3, 2019
Actions to successfully transition from peer to boss
Actions to Successfully Transition from Peer to Boss
September 30, 2019

How we think we are perceived is not always reality. Many professionals believe they’re doing a great job selling themselves, but they fail to acknowledge the mistakes that erode their credibility. People’s perception isn’t based on who we are, but rather their observation on how we are consistently day to day. No matter where we go, there is always someone watching.

Your actions are always being watched. Everywhere you go, assume that someone sees your behavior and draws a conclusion. Decide how you want others to perceive you and behave accordingly. If you want to be known as influential, you must choose to behave that way even if no one is watching.

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