Adapt in 2 Minutes

Two minutes is all it takes to connect, engage and influence.

What if your listeners always felt like you were talking specifically to what’s important to them? Learning to adapt is hard.

If the past year has taught us anything, adaptability is critical to influencing action and getting results.

At first, we resisted the changes we all needed to make. Then we figured out how to adapt to each day's different needs.

Despite learning to adjust to our ever-changing workplace demands, many of us failed to adapt our communication style to our ever-changing audience.

Many of us have become lazy and comfortable in our communication style and virtual presence.

The way we approach a conversation with a team of sales professionals differs from that of finance professionals. How we speak with investors varies from how we address prospects and clients.

It is easy to get so excited that we share everything we know about a specific topic with our listeners. We struggle to realize that what excites us may do just the opposite for our listeners. Ultimately, they tune us out and miss the very message we want them to hear.

Instead, determine what they already know, what they want to learn about and is a priority.

Understand first why your listener cares to hear what you have to say.

Then, determine why the timing is crucial for them – why this message and why now?

Lastly, know what action you want your listener to take.

Preparation can occur in as little as two minutes when you ask the RIGHT questions before your interactions.

  • Who are they?
  • What do they know about your topic?
  • What is their attitude towards you and your topic?
  • What do they need to know?
  • Why is this conversation happening now?

Just like this past year has forced us to adapt every meeting and interaction to the challenges and limitations we have faced, our listeners expect us to do the same with our messaging.

We can’t take our audience for granted and expect that what works for one will work for another. Do not take any interaction for granted. No matter how many times you’ve shared the same message, every audience is different.

Preparation is key to create an impactful message that will resonate, allow you to stand out from the noise and influence action.

We’ve been partnering with the Social Research Lab of the University of Northern Colorado. To receive your free copy of our research on Adaptability, click on the link below this video.


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