Impact & Influence Listeners

Stories improve the memorability and strength of the message while creating a connection between you and your listeners.

"Stories are remembered up to 22 times more than facts alone." - Jennifer Aaker, Stanford University

Stories have the power to grab and keep attention. They pull your listeners into a conversation, helping them remember you and your message long after the interaction ends.

Stories don’t have to be elaborate, they need to have purpose and impact. They originate from the lessons we learn, or interactions we experience every day.

The key to conveying those experiences in a compelling, influential story takes three steps.

  1. Current State

Start where your experience occurred. Maybe it was on a plane, or in a boardroom, at a store, or in a meeting.

Let the current state provide a visual that grabs your listeners attention, imagination and engagement.

  1. Defining Moment

This part of your story is the journey for your listeners. It should grab their attention and leave them wondering where your story is taking them.

  1. Outcome

Conclude your story with an impactful point, or moment, you want listeners to tie directly to your topic. It should be the bridge that transitions your listeners from the story to the takeaway you want them to remember most about your time together.

This week, make a commitment to experimenting with adding stories during your meetings to grab attention and to inspire your listeners to act on what you have to say.

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