3 Actions You Can Take Today to Invest in You!


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3 Actions You Can Take Today to Invest in You!

Do you ever feel like there are only a few things about your professional situation is within our control?

The truth is, we are more in control than we think.

Remember when we all start working virtually? Every Zoom meeting came with a set of challenges: barking dogs, messy houses, interrupting spouses and kids. We were patient, but it didn’t take long for expectations to shift.

When it comes time to return to in-person work, will you be ready, or, will your in-person communication skills seem as chaotic as those early virtual days?

Showing up consistently – Monday to Monday® – means every time you interact, you invest in your level of influence. When we communicate, it's about understanding what the listener perceives and what is coming across on the other end.

Use the time you have now to focus on what you can control. Sharpen the communication skills you haven't practiced in over a year, so when you do return to in-person work, your communication skills are strong and influential.


  1. Record yourself.

Have you ever heard a recorded version of yourself and thought, “Is that what I really sound like?”

We’ve all been there. Hearing what our listeners hear can be a rude awakening, but it is the number one way to recognize areas of improvement. Next time you are on a Zoom meeting or phone call, hit the record button. Immediately watch or listen to the playback. Make notes of what needs improving.


  1. Plan your conversation.

Do you wing conversations, or do you write down ideas you wish to discuss?

Even when you jump from Zoom call to Zoom call, your listeners can tell when you haven’t prepared. When you don’t have time to prepare the way you wish you could, even taking 1 -to 2 minutes to write down talking points will increase your connection and engagement. Put them on a sticky note and paste them next to your camera. By practicing now, you’ll have the habit established for when you return to in-person work.

  1. Put focus in how you show up!

Influential leaders have consistency in their body language and words, but working from home has left many of us out of practice. We have focused so much on the camera's viewpoint; we have ignored the message the rest of our body language conveys.

Next time you are on the phone, pay attention to your body language and movements. What does your posture, facial expressions of gestures communicate and are you ok with how your listeners see you? After the call, take 2 minutes to make notes on what you’re willing to change.

Use this virtual time now to invest in you to build a consistent brand and a reputation that you’re proud of Monday to Monday® .




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