Trust Your Competence

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June 24, 2014
Skype Like a Pro: Avoid Five Pitfalls That Can Jeopardize Your Image
September 2, 2014

business-man-question-markThe majority of us get caught up in our own head, getting trapped in the negative talk that takes control of our conversations.

  • What if I don’t know what to say?”
  • What if I forget what to say?”
  • What if I say something wrong?”

Overcome your “what ifs?” Trust your competence and know you’ll have the answer.

Where to begin?

  • Focus outward rather than inward. Focus on what experiences you want to create for your listeners that  goes beyond interaction.  When you put your energy into how you can help your listeners solve a problem or make a change, your focus is redirected away from yourself and getting caught up in the “what ifs.”
  • Get comfortable with silence. Continuous talking creates frustration for you and your listeners. Your listeners crave the silence to understand and comprehend. Trust that you need time to adapt your message on the fly to meet your listeners’ needs.  Without silence created through pauses, you will forget what to say and get off track.
  • Live in the now. Avoid the temptation of getting ahead of yourself during a conversation. Instead, stay focused on what your listeners are saying and asking for. This will allow you to communicate a message that your listeners resonate with and want to act on.

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