Make It Work

Accountability partner check-ins increase the likelihood of success!

You are 65% likely to complete a goal if you tell someone else you're committing to doing it.

Have you ever asked someone to be your accountability partner and then struggled with what to do from there? We get asked this question a lot.

First, decide how often and where you'll meet. The outcome you're working towards will determine how often you want to meet. Once a week isn't too often. Thanks to Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and an array of other virtual platforms, we can meet from anywhere at any time that is convenient for everyone.

Second, during your first meeting, be specific. Communicate exactly what you want to accomplish. Let your accountability partner know what you want to help improve and what you want to be held accountable for. You may need to revisit this conversation as you begin your journey.

Third, when you meet, share three accomplishments since the last time you met. It is key to recognize and reward your commitment to improvement.

Fourth, share the struggles and challenges in the areas of your communication where you need direction and motivation.

Fifth, whether you're sharing your wins or challenges, always create another action plan. Establish what you will commit to working on until you meet again.

What can you do to take your wins from outstanding to excellent?

How can you overcome your challenges to avoid stepping on the same landmines moving forward?

This is the plan we use with our team and the leaders that we mentor. You may have a better method that works for you, so do what will keep you most accountable. Be certain about your purpose of working with an accountability partner. Your action steps this week are to:

1. Reach out to your accountability partner to get a date on the calendar;

2. Determine the best place to meet that is conducive to your schedules;

3. Write the date and time in your calendar.

4. Before your meeting, download our practice tip sheet and share it with your accountability partner to get the momentum going.

Accountability is key to creating the momentum you need to enhance your communication skills and elevate your level of influence, Monday to Monday.


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