A Presentation is an Extension of a Conversation

The big a-ha moment happened during a mentoring session with a leader from a large pharmaceutical company: “I get it! A presentation is really an extension of a conversation.”

For those of you who have worked with us, you’ve heard us express many times that when you enhance your day-to-day communication skills you’re also building your presentation skills. If you only practice your presentations, there’s a strong probability you will sound like you practiced too much because you’ve memorized and scripted.

Delivering a presentation is only one of several communication mediums to push your message through. Authenticity is seen and heard by your listeners when how you communicate day-to-day is as confident, credible and trustworthy as the presentations you deliver.

I wonder if delivering a presentation brings feelings of fear and dread to many because we define presentations as an act that’s different from anything else we do. In reality, we deliver presentations every day. We’re presenting, selling and influencing others to take action every day through many mediums: face-to-face, virtual, meetings, email and text messages. How we show up for every conversation determines the level of influence we have rather than simply turning on our “A” game for the presentation.

3 Easy Daily To-Do’s:

1. Be Thoughtful. Put as much thought into every word you speak during day-to-day conversations as you do when dissecting every word prior to a presentation. The most effective way of doing this during your day-to-day conversations is to insert pauses and think on your feet.

2. Deliver with Purpose. Practice creating consistency between your body language and message for every conversation – not just before a presentation. You will put a lot of unnecessary pressure on yourself when you only think about your body language during your practice and presentation delivery. Your listeners will see right through your lack of authenticity.

3. Protect Your Name. Your name is on everything you do. What you do, how you do it and how you make people feel determines the reputation you create. Protect your name by putting effort, focus and discipline into every message you communicate.

Drop me a note about how you plan to implement a daily practice routine this week to get ready for your next presentation. Tag me on my Facebook page. If you missed one of Stacey’s previous blogs or tips, visit her online.

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