4 Ways Influence Can Affect Your Personal Brand

4 Ways Influence Can Affect Your Personal Brand

Did you know you are influencing others, even when you don’t know it? Like it or not, you are always under surveillance. Whether it is your child sitting in another room listening to your conversation, or a coworker watching you enter a meeting.

How you show up every day shapes your personal brand. Here are four simple ways to leverage perception and grow your level of influence.

You’re always under surveillance. How you show up either enhances or diminishes your influence.


  1. MINDFULLY show up.

Someone is always watching. They see how you engage or are distracted, how you’re dressed, if you’re on time and the list goes on. People notice how you show up, what they see is up to you.

I’m guessing you want others to perceive your personal brand as trustworthy and confident, punctual and prepared. Whether you are in person or on video, start paying close attention of what others will see when observing you.


  1. Turn on the camera.

Would you try to attend an in-person meeting while standing out in the hallway? Of course not! Yet many of us keep our cameras turned off for the majority of your virtual meetings. It sends a message that you are disengaged and disinterested.

I get it…there will be times when turning on your camera isn’t possible.  When you can, turn on your camera at least when you’re speaking or when you want your listeners to know that you’re still engaged.


  1. Ask questions.

If you want others to be interested in what you have to say, be interested when it’s their turn to talk. Studies show people who ask open-ended questions are perceived to be better listeners than those who remain quiet.

Let others know what they have to say is worth hearing. Be an active listener by asking questions and engaging others when they speak.

How can you make sure the perception you create is one of engagement?


  1. Speak up and engage.

Your personal brand is built whether you say anything or not. When you remain quiet and disengaged, you send a message that you simply don’t care. You run the risk or your listeners questioning your level of interest and respect.

Demonstrate your engagement by asking questions, nodding your head and making eye contact. Communicate to your listeners that you’re taking notes to make sure you capture everything that is important to them.

How you show up every day shapes your personal brand. These four tips will grow your level of influence and how others perceive you.



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