Visual Aids

Interact don’t Distract: How-To’s for Interacting with Visual Aids

One of the challenges we frequently hear from our clients is, how do we effectively interact with visual aids? When we’re meeting virtually, we talk to our slides, the slides are packed with content and no one is paying attention. IT doesn’t get any better when we’re in-person.

When done right, visual aids increase how long your listener remembers your message. Without this understanding, it will be difficult to influence them to take action. The purpose of Visual aids is to support your topic in a meaningful way.

Done wrong, visuals are distracting and create confusion for your listeners, inviting them to tune  you out.

The need for impactful slides is even higher when you communicate in a virtual environment. You’re competing for space and attention on a small screen littered with chatrooms, thumbnails and other technological distractions.

Our half-day virtual training is designed specifically around your teams expectations to learn the steps for effectively interacting with visual aids. We will give you and your teams practical and immediate how-to’s making sure your slides support your message, keeping your listeners engaged to influence them to take action.

Here’s what you and your team will get.

  • We believe in momentum and repetition to enhance behaviors. Therefore everyone will have several opportunities to practice steps for interacting with visual aids using their visuals.
  • The instructor will provide constructive feedback based on individuals’ style, strengths and areas of improvement.
  • Individuals will also receive feedback from their peers attending the training. This is to increase their awareness of how to continue giving each other feedback long after the training is done.
  • Action steps to help hold themselves accountable to continue practicing and enhancing their skills.

How you deliver your message while interacting with visuals will determine how it influences your listener to act on the information you share.

The relationship you have is with your listener, not your slides. If you want to have influence, then ensure how you interact with your visuals enhances your message rather than creates a distraction.

If you’re ready to confidently deliver your messages with the support of your visuals to influence your listener…let’s schedule a call to begin designing this workshop specifically for you and your team.

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