Training Testimonials

At Stacey Hanke Inc. our clients are both national and international in scope.

We’re pleased to collaborate with so many of our clients on a repeat basis, as we guide them to the next stage of their progress. We’re only as good as our most successful clients, and we’re excited about their accomplishments as they develop and enhance their influence skills with easily attainable tools and proven techniques they learned from us.

Our strategies provide proven results and a marked return on investment to a wide variety of industries. If it works for them, we know it will work for you too.

You and your pros have positively shaped my effectiveness as a leader and as a communicator. Thank you.”

Director Product Marketing | Sales & Marketing

CUNA Mutual Group

“One of the unique skills you brought to the training was your ability to demonstrate each of the communication techniques. It made the material more credible and believable to the audience since they could see, firsthand, how effective the communication techniques are. The immediate change in their behavior was amazing. We were fully engaged from start to finish!”
Vice President
Coca-Cola Refreshments

This highly interactive workshop focused on powerful skills and techniques to enhance and maximize my abilities to be more effective as a leader and communicator. Within the same day, I along with my fellow attendees could see remarkable results by simply applying the learned behaviors. Stacey Hanke Inc.’s engaging delivery and coaching style left all of us attending the workshop wanting more!”
Vice President – Merchandise Presentation

Speak Up To Be Heard is not only part of our new hire training program but is the most requested continuing education course by our sales force – both sales reps and sales managers.  Stacey and her team are dynamic and engaging.  They set the learner at ease quickly and offer positive, enthusiastic and effective coaching.  Our sales force has gained confidence and the invaluable skill of communicating successfully regardless of the situation or size of the audience.”
Director, Commercial Training & Development
Novartis Animal Health US, Inc.

It is not only the powerful content delivered but also Stacey Hanke Inc. brings such sincerity, enthusiasm and an incredible ability to model the desired behavior in a re-creatable fashion.  They immediately formed a safe learning environment for our Veterinary Advisory Council members.    I have already witnessed positive results specifically with posture enhancements and complete visual aid changes.   And what is more important each has a heightened sense of awareness as they communicate in formal settings and with their clients.   Each attendee has expressed this session was the “BEST AT MAKING IT REAL AND DOABLE”.
US Parasiticides Communications Manager
Novartis Animal Health US, Inc.

Stacey commanded attention when she conducted an on-site class at our office. It was one of the few times I remember when people did not feel free to check emails during a session.  There was a noticeable improvement in communications skills for everyone who
Charleston Orwig

While Stacey’s material on effective communication is superb, it’s her energy and ability to keep the audience engaged that I found most impressive. Our group sees a lot of trainer’s year in and year out…Stacey is definitely one of the top two that we’ve seen. Furthermore, the immediate spike in sales performance was proof enough that the team embraced and deployed those skills taught by Stacey. We’re having her back next year!”
Vice President, Sales & Marketing
Ryland Homes

Stacey Hanke Inc. really practice what they preach. Their honest feedback and visual evidence cannot be denied. It has lead me to be better equipped for not only presenting to an audience but one-to-one selling and perhaps the biggest improvement has been my ability to get appointments. This has been by far the best training that I have ever received. Your team has made me a better communicator and the rewards are already showing.”
Key Accounts Manager Bio Protection
Novartis Animal Health US, Inc.

Leaders are expected to deliver clear, effective and persuasive messages, not only in large group presentations, but in every day situations.  A Leader’s ability to influence others is critical to their own success, as well as the success of any organization.  Your company’s leaders will immediately benefit from Stacey Hanke Inc.’s message. Their energetic and engaging style will inspire you to actually start looking for speaking opportunities.  My own personal leadership style immediately changed based on the simple and impactful skills I learned from them.  I was able to implement these practical techniques the same day, and continue to find ways to enhance my communication.”
Vice President – Region 6 Manager

I was impressed with the communication skills training you provided our sales team.  The learning environment was exceptional with you identifying key concepts, modeling the behavior and providing “real time” coaching on a one-to-one basis.  I believe all our team members were able to identify several communication skills to improve upon; I know I have.  Most importantly, we have a greater awareness of how we communicate.  I’m looking forward to observing the impact that this enhanced awareness will have on our business.”
District Manager
Novartis Animal Health US, Inc.

I am very pleased with the impact Stacey Hanke Inc. had on the Interpersonal Communications team.  They refer often to the principles they taught them and particularly notice them in others.  Not only does the team have a heightened awareness of how their communication impacts others but they are more confident, credible and articulate.”
Coach, Leadership Development
The University of Chicago Booth School of Business

As a detail oriented engineer, my presentation skills needed lots of polishing.  Stacey Hanke Inc. quickly pointed out my strengths and yet focused on the areas where I could improve to further engage my audience.   For those like me, that present or speak only on occasion, this training is a must.  The class is fun and is the 1st step in gaining confidence one needs to deliver your thoughts and to make your point.  In this class, I have learned that even the most confident speakers need to prepare their materials and focus on what is important.   At Wrigley, this training is one example where everyone at any age or experience level, can further develop their job skills.”
Principal Mechanical Engineer
Wm Wrigley Jr Co of Mars Inc

Influencing and communication are two of the many skills that define great leaders.  We spend much of our time focusing on how to leverage and strengthen both of these skills to make ourselves and our teams the most effective. What I enjoyed most about the session is how Stacey Hanke Inc. took these broad topics and helped us simplify and personalize them to our individual styles.  This session is not about presentation skills but focuses on connecting with the listener, whether that is one person or a room full of people. I walked away thinking more about my audience and less about myself, which is not always easy to do. They clearly explain the benefits to you and the receiver while role modeling the behaviors – so naturally that you don’t even realize she is “showing” you while discussing the material! I appreciated the open and supportive feedback received and the encouragement given when improvement was shown.”
Vice President of Human Resources

Thanks to your practical skills and techniques on enhancing my communication, my panel discussion went great!!!  Wow, as I sat throughout the morning and watched the other panels I noticed so many distractions and problems as these individuals spoke. Your tips helped immensely, and helped me to convey confidence and knowledge in what I was speaking about.”
Executive Production Manager – Quality Control
Leo Burnett USA, Incorporated

The presentation skills class you facilitated has made a big impact on the effectiveness of our Farm Animal Business Key Account Management team. This team is currently using the skills to deliver more impactful messages in one-on-one settings as well as group settings. This is leading to an increased number of sales advances and more product usage by our key accounts. One other area that shows the impact of this class is the peer to peer coaching that is occurring with the class attendees. The Key Account Managers are actively coaching each other and even pointing out areas of improvement to their managers and myself. Great job and I look forward to seeing the results of the next group that attends Presentation skills and Group Selling.”
Commercial Training and Development Manager
Novartis Animal Health US, Inc.

I highly recommend Stacey Hanke Inc. They’re clearly talented and experienced communication coaches. They bring an effective approach to improving the skills of their clients without attempting to change their client’s communication style. They make the training enjoyable and challenging at the same time. They demonstrated a unique ability to quickly and easily connect with our group which established instant credibility in their work. I think their coaching can be applied broadly to any organization. I left with techniques that can be applied immediately in practice.”
Client Portfolio Manager 
Loomis Sayles & Company, L.P.

“Stacey demonstrates all of what she teaches and is immediately engaging. My presentation and communication skills were transformed and confidence boosted in only two days. I took away skills that I use in everyday, at work and at home. As a true believer in ‘You teach what you need to learn’, I am often sharing and practicing these key skills with colleagues and friends alike.”
Innovation Catalyst
Johnson Controls

I entered the training session inhibited by self-doubt…but left determined and with a toolbox of actionable, practical methods for improving the way I communicate. Stacey Hanke Inc. made the class comfortable with their charismatic and refreshingly transparent personality and kept us engaged using the very skills they teach. I look forward to seeing how my new awareness for the way I communicate will help me find continued professional success.”
Associate Creative Director
Leo Burnett

The Speak to be Heard workshop helps you recognize and be aware of how we are perceived as communicators and ultimately, leaders.  In utilizing the communication techniques that Stacey Hanke Inc. taught us, in just 2 days we gained a great deal of confidence in capturing and maintaining the attention of those we were communicating to.  I believe these techniques will not only help me in my business life, it will also help me in my everyday life be a much more effective communicator.”
Vice President – DM

I quickly found that Stacey Hanke Inc. could put me at ease and lead us through the process seamlessly, building one technique upon another.  We were provided opportunities to learn the techniques and be videotaped practicing them while being given specific, meaningful feedback about our communication styles and how they could be improved.  I learned many useful tips that were immediately applicable to my work.  I came out of the training more confident and I am convinced that when I have my next opportunity to speak, I will be able to project more confidence and leave my audience remembering the message I deliver.”
Program Manager, National Services

Right from the start, Stacey impressed me with her enthusiastic and energetic manner – an approach that inspired confidence and created a lasting impression. What makes Stacey Hanke Inc. unique is their ability to tap into your “inner communicator” and enhance your skills in such a short period of time. By implementing their practical, easy-to-use techniques in class I was rewarded with an immediate improvement in my abilities and a solid foundation to build upon. I highly recommend Stacey Hanke Inc.!”
Territory Manager, Rocky Mountain District
Novartis Animal Health US, Inc.

Over the years I have participated in several Sales Seminars and found your seminar the most practical and easy to use in real life. I already have the new telephone headset to practice the walk. I even have my 13 year old son unknowingly aiding me in eye connection. Thank you for taking the time to help me be better at what I do.”
Client Portfolio Manager
Loomis, Sayles & Company, L.P.

The tools and methods I gained in Stacey’s course have helped improve the effectiveness of my communications not only to groups but in one-on-one situations.  By focusing the content, eliminating distractions, and improving body language, I am able to influence my audience more than ever before.  These tools really work!”
Manager of Automotive Marketing and Product Development
Johnson Controls

With Stacey’s training I saw immediate results in the way my Sales Team was communicating with our customers. They sound more professional, confident, polished, and listen more intently. We all know how important that is in sales! We will certainly have her back in the future.”
Vice President of Sales & Marketing
Ryland Homes

Stacey Hanke Inc.’s workshop is clear, effective, and easy to implement in your personal communication style.  I have attended the session two times and was able to build more confidence and improve various aspects of my speaking style.  Their coaching style and technique is supportive and engaging throughout the entire class.  Personally, I was able to immediately apply these skills in every day interactions, conference calls, and formal presentations.  Regardless of one’s experience, I would recommend this class to anyone desiring to improve their communication style in order to influence, inspire, and persuade different levels of your organization.”
Vice President Regional Manager 

Evidence of the application of the new speaking and presentation skills and techniques is everywhere in every setting. The format of the training – introduction of a concept, practice, video-recording, and group and one-on-one feedback – was very effective. The concepts we learned in Speak to be Heard!™ have been internalized and resulted in core behavioral change. Colleagues outside our training group have noticed the changes and asked what professional development we have received.”
Vice President National Services Assessment &Information

Stacey Hanke’s communication workshop was one of the most effective trainings I have ever attended.  The mix of teaching, discussion, feedback and implementation kept the workshop moving at a great pace. I also appreciated Stacey’s team approach to the training – having 2 facilitators available so one-on-one interaction was always available was incredibly helpful. Two of my many takeaways that I have implemented are effective eye contact when speaking to a group and using pauses appropriately – both of which have had positive results in my face-paced work environment.”
Director AGM Product & Market Development
Johnson Controls Power Solutions

Stacey’s insight and delivery style brought my team to a new realization on how important speaking techniques can be in delivering a more powerful message. That is a high compliment, since the team is a seasoned group of industry consultants, well toured on the speaking circuit. Stacey’s Quick Start© was a helpful toolkit to keep the message focused while we practiced the new techniques.”
Errand Solutions, LLC

I’ve taken other communication and presentation courses in the past; however, Speak to Be Heard™ is the first course I’ve taken where the skills learned can be applied in all my daily interactions with people. I was able to use what I learned that same day!  I feel I’ve improved at connecting with others to deliver my message whether it’s a technical recommendation to an associate or persuasive conversation with a client.  Whatever the message, I now feel it is being received and understood.”
Process Engineer
Wm. Wrigley Jr. Company – Engineering Technology Center

My sales team needed help improving our communication skills and refining our message to be more powerful.  Our workshops with Stacey Hanke Inc. helped us think about things we never realized were affecting the delivery of our message.  They also helped us reorganize how we deliver our message and to distill it to leave more powerful, lasting impressions with our clients and prospects.  The seminars were interactive – which is important for sales teams like mine who don’t have a long attention span.  It was obvious from the very beginning that Stacey Hanke Inc. has a wealth of experience in and a passion for communication training.  Their honest, constructive feedback based on video evidence showed clear examples of the areas for improvement they discussed.  This wasn’t just “theory” – we walked away with real steps we could take to improve immediately.   I recommend their services highly.”
Vice President, Sales
BCS Insurance Group 

Stacey is a top notch public speaking coach and teacher. She and her team have a solid and proven method for teaching us how to be the best communicators we can be. I experienced that training first hand and continue to see tangible improvements in my speaking style and methods. Her strategies work and as a result, we have had her return a number of times to share her training methods with as many people as we can at here at Johnson Controls. I highly recommend her and her team.”
Manager, Specialty Markets and Products, Americas
Johnson Controls

Influencing and communication are two of the many skills that define great leaders. We spend much of our time focusing on how to leverage and strengthen both of these skills to make ourselves and our teams the most effective. What I enjoyed most about the session is how Stacey Hanke Inc. took these broad topics and helped us simplify and personalize them to our individual styles.  This session is not about presentation skills but focuses on connecting with the listener, whether that is one person or a room full of people. I walked away thinking more about my audience and less about myself, which is not always easy to do. Stacey Hanke Inc. clearly explains the benefits to you and the receiver while role modeling the behaviors – so naturally you don’t even realize they are “showing” you while discussing the material! I appreciated the open and supportive feedback received and the encouragement given when improvement was shown.”
Vice President of Human Resources

You are an amazing professional who has a lot of ideas on how we can improve our webinars and communication skills.  Thank you for sharing your brilliant ideas.  Your website claims that participants can immediately put your training to use!  That is so true.  I have already recommended this training to my team mates and how we can engage you in the future.”
PMBP Program Manager
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Stacey Hanke…where have you been all my life!?  Not only was I energized immediately after her dynamic communications workshop, but I have effectively integrated the tools into all aspects of my communications; board meetings, phone conversations, networking presentations and even my personal life.  What a change and positive impact on creating successful outcomes with existing and prospective clients!  To my surprise my commitment to the process remains strong.   A very worthwhile experience and highly recommended!”
Capital Strategies Investment Group LLC

Thanks for the session. I think we all went in expecting a difficult couple of days but ended up enjoying ourselves and becoming better communicators.  I had a great opportunity to put the skills and techniques you taught into practice. The Logistics Department held their quarterly meeting and I was the MC. It is interesting how noticeable other presenter’s bad habits are now. Hopefully the attendees noticed some of my new good habits.”
VP Transportation

Stacey’s program has helped me become an even more effective communicator.  I have been speaking publicly for many years but this
program forced me to do a better job of self-assessment.  I now force myself to incorporate Stacey’s advice into everyday activities and can tell I’m polishing my skills to become even better at communicating in the future.  Thanks for making the steps for improvement practical and easy to implement.  I’m a better communicator for your efforts!”
Farm Animal Swine Sales Manager
Novartis Animal Health

Stacey Hanke Inc. helps develop positive first impressions. As a salesman, positive first impressions are critical to the success of my business development efforts. Stacey Hanke Inc.’s’ excellent manner and the integration of their easy to comprehend process makes this a “must attend”. Stacey Hanke Inc. is critical for anyone hoping to develop effective communications skills as a speaker, presenter or salesman.”
Director, Sales & Marketing
Segall Bryant & Hamill

Speak to be Heard™ is essential to any business professional. I’ve been through two courses with Stacey Hanke Inc. and recommend them to all of my coworkers. They not only develop your presentation skills, but every day conversational skills, conflict resolution and many other arenas of communication. The combination of video feedback and one-on-one coaching has helped me realize and correct many of my speaking crutches. I still find myself catching when I slip into an old habit. Thank you for a job well done!”
Project Manager
Leo Burnett

I was expecting a very boring, lecture type seminar giving me presentation mechanics and low value minutia- it was far from that.  The seminar was interactive, energetic, challenging and dare I say, fun!  I was extremely surprised by how much I was able to improve in just two days.  The taping of presentations and one-on-one coaching was extremely helpful.  Great investment of my time and my company’s resources.”
Director of Service- Americas
Milwaukee Electric Tool Corporation

Stacey Hanke’s dynamic personality and energy that she brings to the practice field was invigorating. I could feel her sincere desire to see immediate improvement with our sales associates, and as a result, we (National Gypsum Company) saw it on the game field in return. The skill sets that she taught our group are used in a variety of settings and has made our company stronger as a result.”
Manager, Technical Marketing
National Gypsum

I’ve been around the block a few times in my business career and invested years in communicating to clients.  My experience with Stacey Hanke Inc. was well worth my time specifically in renewing my attention to what generates results in how I convey a message to my clients. Anyone who is involved in communicating with clients particularly at senior levels needs this training.  You’ll be amazed at how the little things influence the bigger potential.”
Senior Vice President 
Credit Union National Association, Incorporated

The Selling Great Ideas seminar offered the best presentational speaking training that I have ever had.  It stressed simple, effective techniques that are easily comprehended and immediately applicable.  The seminar will change the way you think about presenting making it easy for you to improve.”

Resource Director
Arc Worldwide

My fears of public speaking are reduced, and Stacey’s practical and insightful methods are the reason.   Leaders are expected to deliver clear, effective and persuasive messages. Your company’s leaders will immediately benefit from Stacey’s message. Her energetic and engaging style will inspire you to actually start looking for speaking opportunities.”
Manager of Business and Financial Performance, Generation
Alliant Energy

This was the best training class we have offered and the feedback was tremendous.  The training department plans to continue this class in 2008, and the interest level is high.  There have been requests from other departments to attend so we plan to open this class up to more than just new sales reps.  Your services were a major factor in the success we have seen—thank you.”
Learning & Development Training Manager
Novartis Animal Health US, Incorporated

Poor communication within any organization will lead to mediocrity or failure. Leaders that can effectively communicate their objectives can harness the energy of the workforce to achieve organizational success. Stacey’s training program gives her students the tools and confidence to deliver hard-hitting concise messages. The executive coaching Stacey provides her clients will enhance both their personal and professional lives.”
Chief, Workforce Development
U.S. Army Installation Management Command

Stacey Hanke Inc. is clearly an industry leader in teaching effective communication.  Our entire senior management team took their presentation class.   The collective improvement was immediate and substantial.   We now use their principles to provide regular feedback to one another to continually improve our communication effectiveness.”
Senior Vice President of Engineering-Power Tools
Milwaukee Electric Tool

Our communication skills workshop was fun, engaging, and very applicable to our daily work.  In 15 years of attending these types of workshops, I can say that this was easily the best one I’ve taken part in.”
Senior Territory Manager
Novartis Animal Health, US Incorporated

I came in skeptical, believing this was just another two day seminar that was impinging on my already full plate of work.  I spent two of the most worthwhile days of my career.  I learned more about myself in two days than I would have ever believed possible.  I am truly appreciative for having had the opportunity to see how small changes and stepping out of my comfort zone could results in such a huge impact.  Thank you sincerely!”
Senior Product Manager
Cardinal Health

Stacey is an outstanding communications trainer! Her vast knowledge and experience on communicating with influence enables her to offer highly valuable and applicable insights. Her ability to tailor the program based on specific business needs and then to deliver learning in a manner that optimizes participants’ development is remarkable. We also appreciated her fun and interactive style, which resulted in a communications training that really “stuck” for our team. Thank you, Stacey!  You and your team are a pleasure to partner with!”
Director – Human Resources

The feedback from the entire Werner new product staff was excellent. The Werner associates indicated it was one of the best courses they have taken and are highly recommending the course to their peers. Our presentations to all sources have improved significantly since completing the Stacey Hanke Inc. course. I will make this a regular part of the training product for our employees.”
Executive Vice President & General Manager
TTI Floor Care North America

Stacey not only provides clear, valuable instruction in a way all attendees find accessible, but she also actively practices every skill she teaches. I have been a trainer for 17 years and I can honestly say that I have never experienced the level of skill and professionalism that Stacey possesses and passes on to each attendee.”
Director of Learning Events
Credit Union National Association, Incorporated

The workshop was exactly what I was looking for. The interactive teaching methods and the instructors energy kept the audience engaged all through the session. Communication is one of the key factors in achieving success both in and out of work, and Stacey Hanke Inc. showed us many techniques to have a clear and effective conversation. I have put the techniques in place, and am already seeing the benefits. Thank you for making me aware.”
Credit Systems/US Connectivity IT Team Lead
Newedge USA, LLC

I left your workshop with the confidence that if I practice the techniques we discussed, I will be well on my way to becoming a more effective communicator. I feel for the first time in my career I have the tools to develop what it takes to be a clear, concise, and purposeful communicator.”
Director of Jobsite Solutions
Milwaukee Electric Tool Company

If you want to be understood and create a lasting impression you must work with Stacey Hanke. This is the best communication class I have ever taken!   This class takes communication to the next level by combining the science behind communication with practical application and skill development techniques. Don’t miss out!!”
Senior Vice President
Credit Union National Association, Incorporated

The ability to communicate in a clear and articulate manner in the financial services industry is essential.  Stacey Hanke Inc.’s powerful training approach combines expert instruction and techniques to greatly enhance anyone’s communication skills to prepare them for a wide array interactive settings.”
Vice President
Loomis Sayles & Company., L.P. 

You did what we talked about and more. You offered great ideas and more. You were approachable to help begin our networking with those who attended. You helped make this a great day and you will not be forgotten.”
WIA Programs/ Professional Development Coordinator
Workplace Development, Inc.

Thank you very much for your comments and recommendations. You are an excellent teacher for what you have taught us. After taking this course my fear is gone. I now have great confidence and feel that my next presentation will be a big improvement. I will work on your suggestion and make them a way of daily life. Thank you again for spending your time and energy in evaluating every point very critically and making so many good suggestions.”
Food and Drug Administration

I thoroughly enjoyed the seminar, as well as saw myself change, more than I thought I might.  I have already been able to utilize my new skills, (pauses, eye contact, gestures, voice tones and movement), in a training class.  I certainly felt the difference!”
District Manager

If you communicate in your professional life utilizing conference calls, meetings, or presentations, Stacey’s two day seminar is for you. The training was hands-on, engaging, and practical. You will leave your two days with Stacey a more influential communicator.”
Vice President, Neonatal Screening


“I found this advanced session to be a tremendous experience. We learned and practiced many useful tools that have already launched my communication abilities to another level.  The reminders increase growth potential and help us from reverting back to our old ways!”
Associate Creative Director
Arc Worldwide

A trusted business resource sent me e-mail telling me about Stacey’s upcoming public seminar.  Having attended Stacey’s seminar in the past, she encouraged me to make it a priority, saying the experience was “pure& genuine excellence.” Boy was she right!  Stacey’s seminar provided practical strategies, tools and ideas to elevate my communication skills to a much higher level, both professionally and personally.  Today, I am better prepared for meetings, easily ask open-ended questions, effectively pause so my audience can digest what I am saying, make better eye contact and get to the point faster.  Most importantly, I am much more composed and confident when communicating.  I enthusiastically recommend the experience as being pure, genuine excellence and highly recommend making the investment in Stacey and Stacey Hanke Inc.?”
Capital Strategies Investment Group, LLC

The ability to put your teachings into action quickly through one on one coaching sessions by you and your team gave me much more confidence than sitting in an executive seminar where I might normally just be talked to for two days straight. The positive energy and collaborative atmosphere you foster in your workshop made me want to do better and stay engaged all the way through.”
VP, Account Director

Quick note of thanks for a mind-expanding look into how to be more influential.  Definitely one of the most useful things I’ve done this year, if not in the last 5-10 years.”
Experience Design Director
Leo Burnett

Extremely useful. This workshop was like having a professional “spotter” for my communication skills. The instructors adjusted and shaped my skills in a supportive, practical, and memorable way.””Stacey’s obvious skills and energy made this training very applicable to speaking both inside and outside the office environment. Her ability to coach, provide feedback, and recommend changes in a non-confrontational manner is truly a talent. Stacey kept us engaged for 2 full days, and then sent us on our way equipped with the tools necessary to achieve results. This is the best training I have received.”
Sales Administration
Credit Union National Association, Incorporated

Stacey delivered a strong program of useful information and ideas to better communicate with anyone, not just business associates. We received from her tools that will be useful for life.”
Regional Sales Manager
Osborn International