Top 10 to Win!


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Top 10 to Win!

What if you could surround yourself with the right people, thoughts and resources every day? To steer you in the right direction when the negativity, the self-doubt that halts your development to enhance your influence. Sometimes without you even knowing it!


Everything you’ve seen me share here has been about the how-to’s for communicating with influence virtually. Today, I’m going deeper. Enhancing how we show up for every interaction is a mindset. The good news, you don’t NEED to develop, you GET to develop.


If you haven’t gotten to know me yet, you know I’m big into taking time for personal development. I’ve learned the hard way over the years that if you don’t invest in yourself first, influence is a lost battle.


Are you familiar with Clubhouse? Well, I drank the Kool-Aid when I joined. Every morning while I’m getting ready for work, I join a group called Breakfast with Champions. This week a powerful speaker shared the top 10 to Win! These ALL apply to getting your mind right so that you build a reputation and level of influence you’re proud of Monday to Monday.


  1. Today is your commitment forever. You can’t create change without looking at every activity.


  1. Everything we do today…will it be ok if you did it forever. What you do today is becoming your new normal.


  1. How you practice is how you perform. You must condition yourself to win. How many times have you quit? What didn’t you fight for or complete? How you spend every moment will determine your future.


  1. You have to take more shots! You need to be in the rhythm of taking shots and the more you’ll know how to improve. Be so brave that you know what courage is!


  1. Aggressively be clear about your standards. If you want to win you must come unignorable. Do you have incredible communications skills, a strong voice?


  1. Who will you hurt if you don’t take shots today?


  1. Give 10% of everything you earn.


  1. Spend all your time defending your dreams not your doubts.


  1. If you want to win more, smile more! Every day discover what gives you joy. Smiles must be built and conditioned! Your best ideas come out during fun!


  1. Track names, results from people who you’ve impacted every day. Track the impact you have and you’ll never quit!



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