The Right Fit

Achieve your goals and stay on track.

Having a specific accountability partner increases your success rate to 95%.

Have you ever struggled with staying committed to a goal? Have you ever been motivated to accomplish more personally or professionally, and your drive dies after several days or weeks Holding ourselves accountable is no joke! It's tough! I'm with you. I have fallen down when I haven't stayed committed or consistent because I didn't search for the right accountability partner. Finding a good fit is key to maintaining momentum.

We are excited to be partnering with the University of Northern Colorado. The focus is specific to the impact of our topic, Communicating with Influence. One of the challenges shared by participants we interviewed was “How do I find an accountability partner,” and then “What do I do with them once I have selected the right one?”

Three characteristics to look for:

First, find someone you can rely on who is going to tell you the truth, commit to what you need and someone who is going to show up every time.

Second, how they show up is key. They are prepared, get to the point without sugarcoating, and push you. They motivate you to get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

Third, they hold you accountable every time. They hold you to what you said you would do the last time you met and ensure you do it until you see results.

When you need to tell someone what you've been doing every time you meet, this forces you to plan. Mastering the skill of influence without a plan is like shooting darts at a dartboard that doesn't even exist. Doing check-ins with your accountability partner gives you measurements of what is working, areas of improvement and what needs focus to keep moving forward.

When these three characteristics align every time you meet, you have a perfect fit. The true value of an accountability partner is knowing that they are waiting on you to show up and encourage you to be consistent. Have you ever had a personal trainer or a workout buddy? It's hard to blow them off at 5 am when you know they are waiting on you.

We always have control over one thing in life – our development.

Only you can develop your communication methods, message, and delivery to elevate your level of influence from Monday to Monday. You don't need to do this alone. Take time today to identify who is right for your accountability in your personal and professional life.

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