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Episode 1

How Do You Show Up?

Episode 2

Practice Makes Permanent

Episode 3

Confidence or Uncertainty

Episode 4

30 Day Push

Episode 5

You Are The Visual

Episode 6

Track it to Stick it

Episode 7

Communicating With Impact and Influence

Episode 8

Tip of the Week

Episode 9

Do You Really Believe What You're Saying?

Episode 10

Dig Deep

Episode 11

Discipline Required

Episode 12

90 Day Run

Episode 13

Move With A Purpose

Episode 14

Effective Communication - Making Yourself Memorable and Quotable

Episode 15

Defeat Your 'I' Issue

Episode 16

Tip of the Week

Episode 17

Avoid Frustrating Your Listener - Pause and Get to the Point

Episode 18

Successful Communicators' Resources

Episode 19

Less is More. Get to the point

Episode 20

Tip of the week

Episode 21

Who Are You Talking To? Eye Connection

Episode 22


Episode 23

Speak To Be Heard

Episode 24

Tip of the week

Episode 25

Trapped in the Moment

Episode 26

Action Replaces Excuses

Episode 27

Business Communication – Using Words that Influence Action

Episode 28

Tip of the week

Episode 29

Establish a Framework

Episode 30

When Is Enough Enough?

Episode 31

Words That Influence Action

Episode 32

Tip of the week

Episode 33

Confidence with Q&A - What to Do

Episode 34

Confidence with Q&A - What to Avoid

Episode 35

Deflate the Challenge (5 Steps to ARC Method)

Episode 36

Tip of the week

Episode 37

Interact Don't Distract (interacting with visual aids)

Episode 38

Anchor Your Message

Episode 39

Taking The Relationship To The Next Level

Episode 40

Tip of the week

Episode 41

Ignite an Idea - Stories that Enhance Learning

Episode 42

Game of Chance

Episode 43

Break Through - Getting To The Heart of What's Really Going On

Episode 44

Tip of the Week

Episode 45

Amplify You, Minimize the Noise

Episode 46

Influential Listening

Episode 47

Global Communication

Episode 48

Tip of the Week

Episode 49

Overcome Your Obstacles of Success & Change the Way You Communicate Forever

Episode 50

Accountability Steps - Create Your Action Plan for Continuous Development

Episode 51

Avoid Letting Comfort Be Your Guide

Episode 52

Tip of the Week

Episode 53

Take 5 Value Survey