Successful Hybrid Meetings

Create clear and effective guidelines to ensure your hybrid meeting success.

Without clear guidelines, hybrid meetings are doomed to fail.

Think back to the last hybrid meeting you attended. People in the room likely ignored the attempt for virtual attendees to speak. They likely talked over one another, interrupted and carried on side bar conversations.

It makes it hard to speak up and even harder to hear anyone trying to chime in.

Hybrid meetings are tough to attend, and just as tough to host. Yet, they are the new approach in today’s workplace and require all of us to step up our hosting game. It is too much to ask a host to adapt their messaging while also engaging people in the room and online.

Yet when you overlook participants, your message fails to stick. In the world of hybrid, our message must make an impact on everyone who hears it – no matter how they participate.

80% of clients that surveyed said their company failed to train how to deliver effectively during hybrid meetings.

Put into action these 3 effective ways to engage your listeners, maximize your influence, and ensure your message sticks.

1. Set expectations for everyone attending in person. Ask participants to speak up, one at a time. Include those on the virtual platform. To gain commitment, ask everyone what behavior they expect from attendees to make sure their time isn’t wasted.

2. Ask for help from an in-person participant to moderate the virtual platform.

3. Call upon virtual participants by name. Present open-ended questions to increase engagement, connection and participation.

It’s hard enough to influence listeners who are in the same room, let alone a mix of listeners who are virtual and in-person.

These three actions will increase the likelihood that everyone is tuned in, connected and engaged from start to finish for action to occur.

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