One problem. Three solutions.

All services are available in-person and virtually.

What if every employee had the power to build relationships and win business? How much stronger would your company culture be?

  • Keynotes tailored to your company
  • Clients include Coca-Cola, FedEx, Nationwide, Kohl’s, abbvie, General Mills, Cardinal Health and three branches of the U.S. Armed Services
  • Past appearances in SmartMoney magazine, Business Week, Lifetime Network and WGN Chicago

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What if you and your teams consistently see and hear through the eyes and ears of your listeners? To understand the level of impact and influence you and your teams do or do not have?  How much stronger would your results be?

  • 2 days (we can discuss additional options based on your needs)
  • Improve results by engaging your clients more effectively every time you communicate

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What if your executive presence was as powerful as your business instincts? How much more effective could your leadership be?

  • 3 hours/month, in person
  • Phone and video access between sessions
  • 1-day sessions, 3 months and extended timeframes
  • Strengthen interpersonal skills to complement your business skills

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We are proud to offer ALL of our services in a virtual format.

The right solution for your company is...

Communicating with influence Monday to Monday® takes a life-long learning commitment.  The companies with the most engaged clients and the strongest leadership presence are usually those that commit to building influence over time, with multiple approaches.

For help building a plan of trainings and presentations that's ideally suited to your company, contact us personally. A short conversation is all it takes to get started.