Selling or Distracting – Five Biggest Sales Presentation Tips

Would you want to sit through your sales presentation more than once?

Stop the madness by applying the top six biggest sales presentation tips.

1. Brevity. Most of us are guilty of saying too much and frustrating our listeners.

When in doubt …

  • Avoid more than one “and,” “so,” “but” in a sentence.
  • Never use a long sentence when bullet points will do.
  • Never keep talking when a pause will be more powerful.
  • Never tell a story or use an analogy you have practiced fewer than three times.

2. Say what you mean and do what you say. Accountability is getting more difficult to find in others. Procrastination and excuses are easier to execute. Do you respond within 24 hours to your client’s expectations? Has the word “try” become more frequent in your vocabulary?

3. Who are you talking to? When you disconnect from your listener with your eyes and instead talk to your sales aid, iPad or PowerPoint deck, you miss opportunities to read your client. You’re also inviting your client to stop listening.

Pause when you refer to these sales aids and only speak when you connect with your client’s eyes. Test this idea in all conversations today.

4. Using the wrong words. When you use filler words that cause you to ramble, your client will quickly questioned your credibility and knowledge.

Give yourself time to think on your feet and your client an opportunity to hear and understand your message by replacing non-words with a pause.

5. Your message isn’t consistent with your delivery. Your body language must be consistent with your message.

  • Emphasize the key take-aways you want your client to remember with an appropriate gesture that is consistent with your words.
  • Walk into the client’s office as if you belong there. An open posture communicates confidence without you saying a word.
  • Avoid fidgeting with your pen, sales aids, etc. When you fidget your client begins to focus on what you’re doing rather than what you’re saying.

This week, take five minutes every day to refocus on applying these five tips to give your clients more than they expect.

Drop me a note to share the steps you took this week to enhance your sales presentations. Tag me on my Facebook page.

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