Action Steps for a Return on Your Investment

Thank you for your partnership and trust. Your support for your teams development is critical for the results, performance and relationships they build with each other and their clients.

You know this because you’ve reached out to us to help.

Our commitment to you and your team is this…

  • To Increase their awareness of how they communicate and the influence they have or don’t have during all interactions.
  • To…Give them numerous opportunities to practice AND receive constructive feedback from us and their peers attending the session.
  • To provide Practical and immediate how to’s they’ll be able to use in their personal and professional life to continuously enhance how they connect, how they show up for all conversations and how they communicate with influence Monday to Monday.

Call it Accountability … which is where you come in.

Over 20 years of doing this work, all of our research proves that accountability is hands down the KEY for you and your teams return on investment long after the training has occurred.

We conducted research with the University of Northern Colorado on the effectiveness of our Communication Sessions.

Our research shows 65% of our participants felt they could effectively hold themselves accountable prior to taking our workshop.

After working with us, 85% of the participants felt confident in having the tools to hold themselves accountable.

Accountability is the number one concern for our clients, and I know how important it is to you. You want to make sure the investment you make with us enhances your team’s communication.

We have proven how-to’s for making sure our clients have what they need to continue developing by applying the skills we teach.

This is why I created this video for YOU because of the feedback I sometimes here from our buyers after our workshop saying…”everyone on my team isn’t applying what they learned.”

Here’s why…no one is holding them accountable. Individuals who are not measured for their development, who don’t have someone helping them continue to practice…

apply what they learn during a training statistically will slip back into their old habits within 30 days of their training.

I don’t want this to happen to your team and I’m guessing you don’t either!

The following steps are the steps our clients have taken who have seen significant changes in their teams development after our training.

They can honestly say they received a return on their investment.

  1. If you can…I highly recommend you attend the training with your team!
    • It demonstrates to your team that everyone is vulnerable and learning these skills at the same time. It raises the stakes for all parties.
    • It builds your credibility, confidence and trust with your team communicating that you feel this training is SO important that EVEN YOU are working on your development.
  1. Have a conversation with each team member prior to the training. Ask them what they want to accomplish.
    • Share what your expectations are.
    • Schedule a date on your calendars post training to recap their training.
  1. Within two weeks of the training, meet with your team individually to discuss their experience and take aways.
    • Together write down the action steps they’ve committed to. How you can help each other continue to develop and when will you meet again to check in on their progress.
  1. To reinforce the skills and techniques, at the beginning of your team meetings, ask each person to share the skill they want feedback on. During these meetings, give each other feedback on the skill they’re practicing.


  1. Record your team meetings and ask everyone to listen and give themselves feedback before your next meeting.


  1. Add a section on your performance reviews to measure and provide feedback on their individual communication skills.
    • Require everyone to watch a meeting or presentation they led and provide a self-assessment quarterly tying this action step to their reviews.


These are a few of the examples we provide in our Accountability Guidelines. If you haven’t received these guidelines yet, you will.

Please take a look at these action steps that have proven to work with our clients who have had long-term growth and success.

Developing our ability to consistently communicate with influence takes deliberate practice. Here’s the good news…every interaction is an opportunity to practice.

We will give you and your team the tools we promise work when everyone puts in the work.

Within 48 hours after our training, we will send you a written recap of the training and individuals action steps created by our instructor who delivers your training.

In that email, we’ll be asking to schedule your post-call. The purpose of this call is to;

  • Receive feedback from you and your team.
  • Review the how-to’s for helping everyone hold themselves accountable for continuous development.
  • And to discuss next steps.

Please reach out at any time with questions! We want you and your team to succeed and we’re here to help!