Q & A

Managing Q&A with Confidence, Trust, and Influence

How to maintain confidence, Executive Presence during Q & A is not an easy task.  If it was, the majority of leaders we coach wouldn’t be sharing with us the fear they have anticipating the unscripted part of their message … Q & A.

We have more confidence when we are prepared. The stakes are higher when your career depends on how you manage Q&A and the unexpected is thrown your way.

Sr. Leaders consistently share with us what makes them most uncomfortable and hesitant is the Q&A portion of their value prop process.

We can nail our conversations, presentations.  Then when we open discussion for Q & A, we sometimes fall apart.  What does “falling apart” look like?

Our body language may be fidgeting, clenching fists, feeling flushed/red in the face, backing away (when questions are difficult) or moving towards the questioner when feeling attacked.

The need to maintain Executive Presence, confidence and trust when answering questions is a make or break for our career.

Our Q & A workshop is designed for Sr. Leaders who are going through the value prop process to learn how to effectively manage questions and answers and how to avoid the common mistakes we make that jeopardize our personal brand and the ability to influence to the next level.

Here’s what Sr. Leaders will get.

  • How to effectively manage Q&A with confidence, trust and influence. Our instructors will coach each Sr. Leader on their delivery and ability to answer questions as they practice for their upcoming interview process.
  • A bonus…our instructors will share recommendations on how to handle difficult behaviors that may occur during the Q & A sessions Sr. Leaders manage during client interactions. Another example is how to handle combative questioning and interrupters.

When Sr. Leaders have practical how to’s for managing Q&A that they can use during their day-to-day conversations, they’re practicing on a daily basis to tuen these skills into new habits.

  • The instructor will provide constructive feedback based on individuals’ style, strengths and areas of improvement.
  • Individuals will also receive feedback from their peers attending the training.

This is to increase their awareness of how to continue giving each other feedback long after the training is completed.

  • Action steps to help hold themselves accountable to continue practicing and enhancing their skills.

Q & A does not have to be challenging. We all just need how-to’s around our body language and messaging to guarantee our confidence, trust and influence grows during Q&A.

If you are ready to concur Q & A for yourself or the Sr. Leaders you lead….let’s schedule a call to begin designing this workshop specifically for you.