The One Goal You Need to Commit to That Most People Avoid

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The One Goal You Need to Commit to That Most People Avoid

Happy New Year! You may be expecting me to motivate you to set your goals. To aim high because it’s a new year … to try again. That this year is THE year to make a change. But I’m not because you’ve heard all of that before. In fact you probably have heard this every year. By January 15th, 1% who set New years resolutions have already thrown in the towel.


Do you know why the majority of goals don’t see past January 15th? Lack of accountability. We try to accomplish these big goals we’ve never been able to accomplish in the past on our own. We step into a New Year motivated and driven to make changes. What we don’t realize at the time is how easy it is to push our daily action steps to reach our goals into the next day, the next week. Before you know it, today becomes someday…if you don’t have a plan in place to hold yourself accountable.


You don’t have to spend much time with my team and I to know that we’re constantly talking about accountability! We know it’s what separates influential communicators from good communicators. Accountability is one of the topics we researched with the Social Research Lab at The University Northern Colorado. We wanted to prove the power of accountability over a period of time.

No surprise here…Participants who didn’t hold themselves accountable quickly took steps backwards jeopardizing their influence as more time passed since they attended our workshop.

Yet, 76% agreed that the following steps I’m going to share with you here, helped hold themselves and their teams accountable.

If you’re really serious about taking action NOW to make changes, enhancements in your ability to communicate with influence, make these your first steps.

My goal for you is that every month we meet here, your goals are growing, you’re adding more action steps because you’re accomplishing every action you’ve committed to.

  1. By the end of this week, be really clear about who you want to hold you accountable and reach out to them. Three characteristics that are essential for an effective accountability partner;


Someone you trust that’s going to tell you the truth…every time.


They show up prepared to make you comfortable with being uncomfortable. They push you to take the action you don’t want to take or they tell you what you don’t want to hear …. Especially when you need it the most!


They hold you accountable every time. They hold you to what you said you we’re going to do the last time you met. They make sure you do it until you see results.


  1. Lock and load a time and date when you’re going to meet with your accountability partner weekly and monthly. What we write…we invite in our life!


  1. Every 30 days, commit to doing a self-check-in to monitor your progress. This is a critical step to help you stay focused, consistent and driven. If you’re not checking in with yourself, you’ll miss the signs that are telling you to create a new action step or edit the ones you already have.


You’ll also miss the reward.  The pat on the back that we all need to give ourselves for our accomplishments, large or small, which motivates us to keep moving forward.

When you commit to these three action steps, NOW you’re ready to identify what you’re willing to do to make sure your influence is improving every 30 days.

We’re always here to help. To get your complimentary copy of our research, click on the link below this video.


Here’s to a healthy, safe and successful 2021!



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