Keep Your Reputation Intact During the Holidays by Avoiding These 4 Actions


If you celebrate the holidays, you probably experience joy, happiness and a bit of stress.  Whether it’s conversations with loved ones, family you choose to see once a year or the deadlines you committed to complete by January, the holidays can bring out the best and worst in us.

Your reputation is always being measured, no matter what time of year, and is based on how people experience you (specifically your actions, behaviors and communication). Others create a perception of you based on what they hear and see you do 24/7.

When the remaining days of the year get heated, avoid these 4 actions that can damage your reputation:

  1. Do or say things at your holiday office party that you’ll regret the next day. Your reputation is always on the line.  Once destroyed, it will take a long time to rebuild.
  2. Immediately reacting to family comments before asking yourself, “Is it really worth igniting an argument?” Treat your family like you would your most valuable client.
  3. Take a break from focusing on bringing the best you to every conversation.
  4. Negatively react to the short fuses of those around you. If needed, walk away and refocus on what truly matters.

Here’s to a safe, healthy and successful holiday season!

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