How Zoom Fatigue Impacts Your Influence

How Zoom Fatigue Impacts Your Influence

Have you ever thought to yourself during a Zoom meeting, “this could have been an email?”

For quite some time, professionals have sat in front of their computer screen, attending countless virtual meetings that waste their time, tax their brains and drain their energy.

Some call this “Zoom fatigue” but I don’t think Zoom is the culprit. It’s the non-stop barrage of ineffective meetings that lead to the fatigue we all feel.

I’m sure you can think of one- OR two meeting facilitators who routinely shows up ill-prepared as they ramble on and fail to get to the point.

It doesn’t take long before their influence is impacted to the point where everyone on that call dreads going to meetings they lead.

Have you ever stopped to consider how people feel attending your meetings?

Five recommendations you can immediately apply to guarantee you lead interactive meetings that make an impact, engage your listeners and influence action.

1. Take Five to Prepare

Avoid trying to wing a meeting. Instead, take five minutes to jot down your talking points prior to the meeting.  It’s ok to have your notes down in front of you and to refer to them when you need them. As long as you pause when you look down and avoid talking to your notes. Your notes will prevent you from rambling and make sure you deliver a message that meets your listeners needs.


2. Turn On Your Camera – when you can – especially when you’re talking

Here’s the deal…No one attends a boardroom meeting while standing in the hall, yet we think it's okay to attend a virtual meeting with the camera off from start to finish. The only way to truly connect with your listeners is when you can see them. Next time you facilitate a call, ask everyone to turn on their cameras at least in the beginning and when they’re speaking.


3.  Take a Step Back

You wouldn’t sit so low at a conference room table that your listeners only saw this much of you (gesture to show what I’m referring to).  For your message to make an impact, listeners need to see your gestures. Position yourself so that your upper body is visible to everyone.  When your listeners can see your gestures, your message has more impact which increases the amount of information they hear and understand.


4.  Engage with Names

Zoom meetings are a chance to collaborate and engage with your listeners.  When you host a meeting, stop from time to time to call on attendees by name. Ask for feedback and offer them an opportunity to ask questions.  When listeners know you expect them to participate, they’ll remain focused on your message. If they don’t hear what you say, you don’t have a chance to influence action.


5.  Record the Meeting

Most online platforms can record your meetings. You’ve heard me talk about this one before…you always have the option to record yourself on your phones.  Recordings give you the opportunity to see and hear yourself through the eyes and ears of your listeners. Take note of what you see and hear and what you’re willing to change.


What are you waiting for? Start today with these five techniques to guarantee the meetings you lead are interactive, engaging and valuable to everyone who took the time to attend.


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