Executive Mentoring Testimonials

Two weeks ago my company asked me to take on a leadership role within the small group of Org Effectiveness.  Stacey, so much of what they saw was the result of practice with you and the exercises we’ve been talking through.  I’ve had numerous client conversations already and the ‘muscle memory’ of omitting the filler words just automatically kicks in because of all of the practice we’ve done. Yesterday I had a phone conversation with the CIO of a client that didn’t go as well, but I know exactly why – it was because I was missing the ‘pause’ and breathing that we worked so hard on.  This was helpful in showing me that there’s more work to be done!  And it doesn’t pay to allow yourself to lapse back into bad habits…because it DOES make a difference.”

Organizational Effectiveness

I always prided myself of being a good speaker, until I had a few coaching sessions with Stacey.  I learned that what separates a good speaker from a great speaker can be simple as steady eye contact and pause between sentences.  Since English is not my first language, I sometimes find pronouncing certain words very difficult, especially front of a large audience.  Since I learned to pause, not only the words became easier to pronounce, the audience also had time to adjust to my accent.  I only wish that I had her coaching sessions earlier in my career.  It could have been a game changer in my career.”
Vice President, General Manager
Johnson Controls Automotive Korea

Stacey commanded attention when she conducted an on-site class at our office. It was one of the few times I remember when people did not feel free to check emails during a session.  There was a noticeable improvement in communications skills for everyone who
Charleston Orwig

Improving one’s communication effectiveness can be a daunting prospect.  Stacey’s process made it less intimidating than what I anticipated.  Stacey breaks it down into simple actions that with practice add up to improved overall communication effectiveness.  She challenges in an inspiring way.  She provided me with the tools to help me continuously improve as I move forward.  I highly recommend Stacey to any professional seeking to be more effective in their interpersonal and group communication skills.”
EVP, Account Director 
Leo Burnett Company

I’m an advertising executive.  My life is about identifying ideas for clients that matter to their business.  Articulating the value of the idea, whether to an existing client, a prospective client or industry peers at a conference, is where the idea turns to a reality.  Whether it’s about getting a client to buy a service or getting your industry peers to think differently, one needs to know how to structure the argument and how to effectively present.  Stacey has been instrumental in helping me be a better thinker and presenter.  Trust me, I was a sceptic going into training.  “Not another abstract methodology about how to present and behave”; is what I thought.  Boy, was I so off base.   I’ve learnt how to truly understand what audiences want and how they like ideas to be presented.  I now know how to take my unique presentation style and bring in elements that reinforce the points I want  to make.  The coaching has been genuine, fun and interactive.   I’m bought into her program and will insist that my colleagues participate in her coaching.  Why?  It drives business.  It drives credibility.  It drives trust.”
SVP, CRM Practice Lead

My fears of public speaking are reduced, and Stacey’s practical and insightful methods are the reason. Leaders are expected to deliver clear, effective and persuasive messages. Your company’s leaders will immediately benefit from Stacey’s message. Her energetic and engaging style will inspire you to actually start looking for speaking opportunities.”
Manager of Business and Financial Performance, Generation
Alliant Energy

Our team has been working with Stacey Hanke and implementing Take 5 for several months and, already, our communication skills have improved tremendously. I’ve personally benefitted from Stacey’s straightforward approach coupled with the tools regularly provided via Take 5. Without a doubt, Take 5 can create a marked improvement in any professional – even those who have always been confident in their communication abilities.”
Chairman, President & CEO

Stacey Hanke Inc. helps develop positive first impressions. As a salesman, positive first impressions are critical to the success of my business development efforts. Stacey Hanke Inc.’s’ excellent manner and the integration of their easy to comprehend process makes this a “must attend”. Stacey Hanke Inc. is critical for anyone hoping to develop effective communications skills as a speaker, presenter or salesman.”
Director, Sales & Marketing
Segall Bryant & Hamill

Stacey’s insight and delivery style brought my team to a new realization on how important speaking techniques can be in delivering a more powerful message. That is a high compliment, since the team is a seasoned group of industry consultants, well toured on the speaking circuit. Stacey’s Quick Start™ was a helpful toolkit to keep the message focused while we practiced the new techniques.”
Errand Solutions, LLC

Your coaching style and strategies are valuable and a “must have” for all leaders. As a result of your commitment to my success, I’ve discovered the “how to’s” of engaging and connecting with my listeners, I’m able to develop and deliver a more concise, clear and organized message and I’ve identified the critical components to mastering PowerPoint. Not only did I see significant changes in my communication behavior but I’ve received positive feedback from my peers. Not only would I recommend you to leaders who present, but anyone who communicates internally and externally within their organization.”
Milwaukee Electric Tool Company

I sincerely appreciate the conscientious professionalism which you brought to the sessions. At the same time, you showed the knack for making each participant feel very much at ease as they practiced in front of you and the camera. Finally, let me thank you for your follow-up with each individual. By personalizing the session and caring about their progress, you have added value to the entire process. I look forward to sending more NAE’s through your course over the months and years ahead. The day that these individuals spent with you will provide guidance and direction to remember for the remainder of their careers.”
Director, National Sales
Coca-Cola Refreshments

Within my Executive role, I am frequently required to present to my team and peers as well as larger more diverse groups. As a result of your coaching, I am much better positioned to speak publicly and to communicate with the Executive Committee and the Board of Directors. You maintained a professional approach throughout our sessions and was flexible when I had scheduling issues. Your techniques will be invaluable for my position as a leader at Kohl’s.”
Executive VP General Merchandise Manager

Thank you Stacey. Your work with us has helped a lot.”
Leo Burnett

Your one-day-seminar has already worked wonders for me. Being a German National with responsibilities both in the US and Europe, the command of such key issues as choice of appropriate wording, body language, gestures etc. are of highest interest – and importance – for me. The takeaway from the seminar makes my daily work with my partners much easier – on both sides of the pond. A seminar truly worth the investment!”
Jason Incorporated
Member of the Executive Committee

I wanted to thank you for our session this week.  I left the session beyond energized and excited about our progress.  It is clear, since our first session almost five years ago, you have taken your “product” to the next level.”
VP of Jobsite Solutions and Service 
Milwaukee Electric Tool Corp.

Stacey Hanke’s coaching style will dramatically improve your communication skills.  I have been presenting for 10 years and she changed my paradigm and enhanced my skills.  I am better with my employees, my peers, my executives and my family.  The lessons learned apply every day, all day.  This skill set is so critical to your success, you can’t afford not to invest in getting better – Stacey is the person you should call.”
Director Product Training
Pudwill Leadership Center

The work she did with our global CEO in just one session made an amazing difference. He has greater command of his delivery skills, which gives him a stronger presence and more authority when he presents. Even months after their first meeting, he is still reminding himself of her lessons and applying them effectively.”
Worldwide Director of Communications
StarCom MediaVest Group

Stacey’s professional attitude is complimented by her warm, engaging personality. She creates a perfect atmosphere for her clients to seriously examine their communication skills and identify areas for improvement. Stacey is an excellent public speaker in her own right, so she can easily demonstrate the best way to approach a presentation. Anyone who wants to improve their communication and presentation skills will benefit greatly from Stacey’s assistance.”
Kansas Hospital Association

My communication has improved thanks to training with Stacey Hanke. Her presentation of information, practical application and reinforcement coaching is both unique and powerful.  Stacey’s friendly demeanor and humor build an environment of trust with the people she’s working with, so that the work becomes fun, and behavior change follows.”
EVP Chief Growth Officer
Leo Burnett

Working with Stacey has really helped me in improving my first impressions and presentation skills.  While I was confident in my work, I didn’t  feel or comes across confident in my presentations to clients and that showed.  Stacey’s skills and techniques gave me the tools to come across with the confidence and authority that clients need to see and deliver great work not just in presentations but day to day calls and meetings as well.  Thank you Stacey.”
Media Director
Spark Communications

Poor communication within any organization will lead to mediocrity or failure. Leaders that can effectively communicate their objectives can harness the energy of the workforce to achieve organizational success. Stacey’s training program gives her students the tools and confidence to deliver hard-hitting concise messages. The executive coaching Stacey provides her clients will enhance both their personal and professional lives.”
Chief, Workforce Development
U.S. Army Installation Management Command

Stacey is an outstanding communications trainer! Her vast knowledge and experience on communicating with influence enables her to offer highly valuable insights and stage them in a manner that optimizes her client’s development.  Not only did I learn a great deal, but her engaging and fun style made the interactive learning process even more effective than I could have imagined. Thank you Stacey!”
Vice President
Morgan Stanley, Investment Banking Division

I enjoyed the learning process and felt challenged to grow to the next level of communicating. I have (as you predicted) already started practicing and observing.”
President, General Manager
Bosch North America

The time we spent with you was valuable. Not only for the upcoming classes that we are going to be doing, but valuable for me and my personal development as a presenter/facilitator. Thank you!”
Manager, Learning and Development
Novartis Animal Health US, Incorporated

The presentation seminars from Stacey Hanke Inc. are an upbeat, active learning experience. The trainer gets the participants to practice what they have just learned from the minute they walk into the classroom. This makes the training participants truly familiar with the acquired presentation techniques. An approach that produces tangible results quickly!”
Director, Finance and Controlling (PT-SNA/CTG)
Skil Power Tools North America

Working with Stacey has given me the ability to speak to anyone. I can give a presentation to any audience, large or small, from new employees to CEOs. My confidence level and self-awareness has increased significantly because of Stacey.

I wish I had met Stacey prior to attending any train the trainer programs. What I have learned from her far out distances any other training that I had received for my position. I believe if you are open to, and listen to, what Stacey has to say, you can become an effective and influential communicator.”
Corporate Trainer

My peers and I were asked to give a short presentation regarding our LDI product to our internal sales, marketing and client service staff yesterday.  Last night at the dinner I was told that out of all the presentations given yesterday that ours was by far the best.  Your coaching certainly has helped us a lot and I thought you would like to know our most recent and very positive feedback.”
Portfolio Manger
Loomis Sayles & Company, L.P.

Thank you very much for your presentation, and for the book!  (I finished reading it before my plane left on Saturday afternoon.)  It was a very easy read and I got a LOT out of it!  It’s a wonderful reference that I’ll be going back to in the future!  I now feel more confident in my ability to give an interesting and informative talk without scripting the entire thing.  It triggered so many thoughts and strategies that I spent 2 hours last night brainstorming and writing everything down.  I can’t wait to see what happens next!”
Marketing Specialist
Maine State Credit Union