Working with Stacey Hanke was extremely beneficial for me both professionally and personally. Over the course of my career, I have had many opportunities to practice and enhance my communications skills. While I knew I would have areas to improve, Stacey really opened my eyes to things that many people (myself included) do on a regular basis that hampers influence. Her specific feedback about things I was doing was invaluable. This included vocal tone, use of filler words and hand gestures, pausing, and eye contact. Stacey helped me become aware of what I was doing and provided specific strategies to address them. Her model of feedback, practice, and accountability was extremely effective to improve these habits that were affecting my communication. Her communication quick start tool was also extremely helpful as a framework to plan and deliver more impactful messages. By working with her, I was able to improve in many areas we addressed. Working with her gave me broader benefits, as well. The process of reflecting on my communication skills and receiving 1/1 coaching resulted in new perspectives on myself, my leadership, and the management of my team. I was able to grow tremendously by working with Stacey.