Holly Touchstone, Managing Director

I’ve worked with several communication “experts” over my career, and Stacey and her team are the only ones who have consistently impressed me with their coaching skills and style. They are supportive, creating a safe (and even fun) environment for testing their...

Vice President Global Training, Education & Advocacy

Consistency, Monday to Monday, is a phrase that has woven its way into many of my team’s business engagements these past few years. Stacey is a change agent, bringing inspiring insights and practical applications to the consistent levels of influence that many aspire...


The Take 5® approach is a way for busy executives to master a very difficult skill: Executive Presence. Take 5® is going to take professional development to the next level.


By committing just a few minutes at a time for 52 weeks, you will find more opportunities to practice your communication skills and retain the impact of the program for the long term. Not to mention the quality of the training materials is outstanding!

Granite Credit Union

An engaging program that provides the tools to improve how effective you are in your communication style. Stacey accomplishes this with little time investment, but with thought-provoking tools.