Alzheimer’s Association Conference

After hearing Stacey speak, I’m still walking the walk while I talk the talk. She was a defining buzz to the conference, and having 30 years of business travel and conference attendance experience, she is easily one of the most captivating and rewarding presenters out...

ALZ Association

You rock Stacey! Thank you for an awesome session today. I am confident that I can take my skills up two notches. Plus your speaking talents are exceptional and an inspiration for me.


Within the same day, I could see remarkable results. Your engaging delivery left all of us wanting more!


One of the unique skills you and your team bring is the ability to demonstrate each of the communication techniques. It made the material more credible and believable to the audience, since they could see firsthand how effective the communication techniques are. The...


This highly interactive workshop focused on powerful skills and techniques to enhance and maximize my abilities to be more effective as a leader and communicator. Within the same day, I – along with my fellow attendees – could see remarkable results by...