4 Steps to Ensure Follow Through

Bad Behaviors Threatening Your Influence
Bad Behaviors Threatening Your Influence
August 12, 2019
The Secret to Overcoming Your Resistance to Goals
The Secret to Overcoming your Resistance to Goals
September 3, 2019

Some leaders seem to think that because they are in a role of leadership, they can evade the reputation of doing what they want to do rather than showing respect by following through.

Leaders set the tone of the company. They don’t get a free pass because of who they are or the title they have. When they fail to follow through, they lose the trust of those they manage. Employees are left feeling defeated, unimportant, and disrespected. They start to believe that commitments aren’t important and dependability doesn’t matter.

If you want to earn trust and grow your level of influence, you need to consistently follow these 4 steps to ensure follow through.


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