Be Memorable for the Right Reasons

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November 17, 2022
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Be Memorable for the Right Reasons

Take a moment and think of someone at work whom you trust, find credible, and who you respect. Perhaps it’s a mentor, or boss, a coworker, or colleague. What three qualities come to mind when you consider that person? Maybe they communicate clearly, convey passion in their message, and deliver on commitments. Perhaps they are always on time, organized, and well prepared.

Now, take a moment to think of a challenging person with whom you work with. What three qualities come to mind? Perhaps their thoughts are disorganized so they tend to ramble without making a point. Maybe they are always distracted and frequently fail to follow through on commitments.

Which person are you most likely to want to work with? Which person are you willing to do more for?

Having influence requires being memorable for the right reasons. It demands a strong reputation built on trust and credibility. Influence takes work and discipline, requiring you to be better today than yesterday. Here are three ways you can be memorable for the right reasons.

  1. Poll your peers

Let your peers know that you want to improve your level of influence and need their honest feedback. Ask them to share three positive traits they admire or think you do well, and three traits in need of improvement.

Create a prioritized list based on what characteristics and traits were most often shared and that you’re willing to change. Write down specific action steps so that you’re clear on how and when you’re going to make these changes.

  1. Get an accountability partner

Enlist the help of a mentor or coach to create a gameplan that addresses your prioritized list.  Choose one aspect each week for which to focus your attention. Write it down and put it in a place that is easily seen as an ongoing reminder. At the end of the week, communicate your efforts made with your accountability partner, then create a plan to address the next item on the list.

  1. Follow up

Follow up with those who provided you feedback. Share the efforts you’ve made to improve upon what they shared. Be transparent in your work and desire to continually improve. Invite them to share more feedback in the future.

Influence requires acknowledging the need for ongoing improvement, and a personal choice to be better today than you were yesterday. If you want to be memorable for the right reasons. Take action today by applying these three tips to continuously grow your influence.



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