Crush Hybrid Meetings

The way you host meetings have changed because the

Two-thirds of all U.S. businesses maintains a degree of hybrid workplace flexibility.

It seemed that the moment we became comfortable hosting virtual meetings, people began returning to in-person conversations. Now, we must learn to navigate the new world of hybrid meetings while ensuring everyone—in person and virtually—gets the most from their time with us.

If you want participants to get the most from your message, use these three recommendations to host your next hybrid meeting.

The #1 action you can take to help you manage the many elements of leading a hybrid meeting:

Assign a moderator.

As a facilitator or leader, there is already a lot to consider: shaping your message on the fly, reading the room, interpreting body language and engaging with participants. Managing the technical aspects of a virtual platform can steal focus from your message.

Ask for help. Assign an in-person attendee to moderate virtual participants to maximize their engagement.

  • Empower them to interact and ask questions. If it’s a large group, encourage them to interact via chat.
  • Allow them to interject on behalf of virtual attendees who wish to speak up.
  • Ask them to manage the mute button and ensure everyone’s cameras remain on throughout the call.

Everyone understands that you have a lot on your plate as the meeting facilitator or leader. Moderators help online participants get as much representation as those physically in the room.

Bridge the hybrid gap.

In-person meetings include pre-meeting chit-chat, sidebar brainstorming, and post-meeting conversations. These conversations build relationships and uncover ideas. Your virtual participants miss these crucial conversations, so bridge the gap.

  • Log on early so virtual participants are online and in the room as others enter.
  • Ask in-person participants to share all conversations with the virtual participants instead of carrying on sidebar conversations.
  • After the meeting, keep the bridge open instead of immediately disconnecting, allowing online participants to remain seen and heard.

Follow through.

Even when hybrid meetings are managed well, details can slip through the cracks. Someone may have missed comments and questions that occurred online or in person. It’s up to you to ensure everyone is on the same page.

Send a post-meeting follow-up email recapping questions, ideas shared, and plans for moving forward.

Maximize your impact and influence as a hybrid meeting facilitator or leader. Use these recommendations to ensure your in-person and virtual participants get the most value so that they act on what you have to say

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