Be Humble and Kind – 3 Daily Actions to Increase Influence

You may not know that I am a country music fan.  You can’t take the country out of this farm girl.  If you haven’t listened closely to the lyrics of “Humble and Kind” by Tim McGraw, take 5 minutes NOW to hit “play” and listen closely.

Communicating with influence Monday to Monday® includes being humble and kind, a characteristic we may have neglected due to the many challenges thrown at us daily.  Being humble and kind takes less effort yet has a much bigger reward.

3 Daily Actions


  1. Pay Attention. Avoid multitasking during conversations.  The world will not end if you don’t send off that email, text or tweet immediately.  Give your undivided attention to the conversation and who you’re talking to.  Multitasking communicates that your agenda is more important than your listener and jeopardizes the trust they’ll have in you.


  1. Let It Go. Everyone has a right to voice an opinion or ask a challenging question.  Take the emotion out of the conversation, handle the situation with poise and move on.  Let go of the negative feelings you have toward others or the emotion that lingers.  It’s healthier and a lot easier to put your energy where it matters the most.


  1. Be Respectful. The tone of your voice, facial expressions and word choice can be harsh without you knowing. You gain respect when you pay close attention to what you’re doing, saying and how your listener is responding.  Do you really gain anything from the scowl, rolling eyes, short, harsh responses and words that could be avoided if you gave more thought to what you were saying?

Your family, peers at work, clients and strangers will take notice when you take that extra step toward being humble and kind.  The world could use more of this!

 Drop me a note to share what action you took TODAY that communicated kindness.

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