Assessment: Are You As Influential As You Think You Are?


    Nothing gets accomplished without the ability to influence others to act on what you have to say. Lack of influence is equivalent to having great ideas that only you know and care about. Without influence, no one follows. Without followers, your day-to-day responsibilities become difficult. If you're in sales, your pocketbook suffers. If you're a C-suite, your recommendations never evolve and your company doesn't succeed. If you're an engineer, your ideas never leave the proposal stage.

    If you're not seeing the results you want – sales, productivity and money in your pocket – perhaps you're not as influential as you think you are.

    Take the below assessment:

    1. When you are asked to deliver information at an important upcoming meeting, your reaction is:

    2. What is your biggest communication challenge today?

    3. If you could improve one thing to increase your level of influence, what would that be?

    4. Increasing your level of influence requires commitment, accountability and a lot of hard work. What is your preferred method of learning?