Are you Consistent or Are Your Listeners Guessing Who’s Going to Show Up?

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Consistency in a Virtual Environment

If you didn’t see the documentary Last Dance featuring Michael Jordan, you may want to add it to your viewing list. Jordan is an example of true consistency to master a skill. He shared in the documentary that he would deliberately practice by making 1000 shots a day…6000 shots a week. He then shared, “what gets rewarded in public gets practiced in private.”

To master the skill of influence you need to deliberately practice to be consistent.

First, are you consistent with how you show up and how you stay showed up for every conversation. Or do your listeners have to guess who’s going to show up on a Monday vs. a Wednesday? Are your emails, text messages and social media posts consistent with how people experience you via Zoom?

Second, is your body language consistent with your message.

When you’re consistent you eliminate doubt in your listener’s mind. Consistency equals authenticity which equals trust. Without trust, influence cannot occur.

Consistency was another area of our work researched with The Social Research Lab at the University of Northern Colorado. Our qualitative and quantitative outcomes proved that our clients agree there is a need for consistency to achieve a successful leadership role.

After attending our workshops, 75% of our clients agreed that they were more consistent with their personal branding. – how they show up which leads to influence.

These results communicate the need for consistency when we’re trying to influence virtually. You now have a box to influence through…to build your virtual brand. We’ve all realized how difficult this can be.

Recommendations to help you be consistent…. This week take a close look at how you show up Monday morning through the week to your last interaction on Friday afternoon. Whether your camera is on or off, if you lose focus on your personal brand you risk damaging relationships, your reputation and the ability to influence action.

2nd; write down the delivery behaviors that were inconsistent with your message.

#3 – video record several different conversations you have in a week. When you watch your playback, is your delivery different from one conversation to another that it’s interfering with your consistency?

Commit to seeking feedback about how you can change those behaviors and then do the work.  Think like an athlete. It’s how you practice and the amount of practice you commit to that will make you more influential.


If you want a complimentary copy of our research on Consistency, all you need to do is click the link below this video.




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