Are You Really As Influential As You Think You Are?

YOU MAY NOT BE AS INFLUENTIAL AS YOU THINK YOU ARE IF…You are the only one talking during a meeting.
May 22, 2017
The Impact of Brevity
June 19, 2017

Take Action This Week:

  • Ask someone you can trust to tell you the truth about how you come across? How would they describe the reputation you’ve created for yourself?
  • Decide what actions you’re going to immediately take to enhance or rebuild your reputation based on the feedback you received.
  • Do your own self-evaluation by observing yourself through the eyes and ears of your listeners? Audio or video record yourself on your tech gadgets.  This is the best way that I know how to receive honest feedback!

 Drop me a note to share the action steps you will commit to this month to build a reputation you’re proud of.  Tag me on my Facebook page.

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