5 Surefire Ways to Hold Yourself Accountable for Your Development

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July 5, 2021
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5 Surefire Ways to Hold Yourself Accountable for Your Development

Have you ever tried to set a goal for yourself only to fall short of achieving it?

Perhaps you wanted to lose weight or get in better shape. Maybe you wanted to get promoted to the corner office, or earn more influence in the workplace.

Have you ever noticed how excited you get when you set your sights on a new goal only later to lose momentum or focus because it demands too much work, time or change?

Goals do not have to be an elusive wish that is never reached. Use these five simple steps to significantly increase the likelihood of your success.

  1. Find an accountability partner. Choose someone you trust who will commit the time to help and provide honest feedback along the way. Make a written pact to provide them ongoing updates and schedule a regular recurring time to meet and discuss your progress.
  2. Make a plan. Write down specific actions that lack wiggle room so you cannot cheat your progress. Give this plan to your accountability partner so they know what to expect from you each week.
  3. Find your why. It is natural to want to be better, but old habits die hard. Instead of considering what you want to achieve, consider why you want it to begin with. Then, write it down. The goal itself may not be enough to keep you accountable, but a compelling reason why will.
  4. You have a calendar, so use it. Block off a consistent time each day to focus on your goal. Choose a time of day you are more likely to be tempted by distraction. Commit to your calendar as if it were a client appointment or team meeting.
  5. No one is perfect. Setbacks will happen. Just do not lie about it to yourself or your accountability partner. If you missed the mark this week, figure out why and commit to getting back on track.

Stop trying to tackle new goals with old, unsuccessful habits. Instead, set yourself up for success with these five steps to ultimate accountability.


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