4 Bad Habits That Will Jeopardize Your Influence

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July 7, 2015
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  1. Networking success strategies on the internet with people connected together with one member in red and the other group in blue part of a social gathering.Lack of Follow-Through.Commit to the 24-hour rule. Respond to emails and phone messages within 24 hours. Even if you don’t have the answer or information requested, let the sender know you’re working on the action request. Follow through on your word. Don’t make promises you can’t keep, which can quickly diminish credibility and others’ trust in you.
  2. Being Late. You’ll be in the top 1% if you simply show up on time. Avoid being the person who arrives late, which shows that you don’t respect others’ time. Create the reputation of being reliable and someone who will never let people down by arriving late and wasting their time.
  3. Disorganized. You’ve seen them. They walk into the office, client sites and meetings with so much stuff in their arms or dripping from their workbag. When you attempt to have a conversation with them, they’re constantly multitasking as if they’re busier than anyone else. If you’re not in control of your day-to-day duties, your peers, teams and clients will lack confidence and trust in your ability to help them control their situations.
  4. Lack Articulation. So, um, this, like, is, you know, one of the, like, biggest, um, mistakes we make. You’ve cringed when you’ve heard individuals – who have a wealth of knowledge and experience – use these fillers. You wonder why no one has told them. Be succinct, clear and get to the point. You will save yourself and your listeners’ time by using fewer words to articulate your points. I experience more people being inarticulate than not. If you create a new habit of consistently being articulate, you and your message will be heard and remembered long after the interaction has occurred.

Take Action

    • This week ask someone you can trust to give you honest feedback when you slip into these bad habits.
    • Write down the feedback you receive and action steps on how you will avoid these bad habits.

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