Leading Hybrid Teams

Hybrid teams require intentional communication and effort to remain fully engaged and connected to the workplace.

As of January 2022, around 83% of employers worldwide were planning to introduce hybrid work models, indicating a significant shift towards this approach.

After two years of working virtually, some people return to the office. Other professionals, however, wish to remain remote or limit their time in the office. While the choice provides flexibility for employees, leaders may find hybrid team management a challenge.

Relationships thrive in face-to-face environments, which can be challenging for those who choose to work from home. It’s important for virtual employees to understand that workplace influence requires them to show up and invest the extra effort to create organizational impact.

Whether your employees choose to work in person, virtually, or a combination of both, be transparent by implementing these three action steps to ensure everyone grows their influence.

Hybrid is a choice. Your camera is not.

When employees choose to work from home, they miss out on the workplace interactions that shape decisions and grow relationships. To boost their face time, let your team know camera use is expected. Whether attending a small group meeting or large team training, the camera must be turned on and at eye level to stay connected and engaged.

Work requires a professional working environment.

Messy desks convey messy minds. Few things distract from a message like that of a messy workspace riddled with papers, books, and disorganized backgrounds.

Let employees know you expect their virtual workspaces to demonstrate professionalism.  Wherever they choose to work, the background must be appropriate, clean and organized, free from noise and interruptions.

Dress for the job.

Dress codes convey a message about your business and need to apply no matter the employee’s choice of working environment. Virtual employees should dress the same if business casual is required of those in the office. How you expect employees to look in person is how they should look online.

Having influence requires effort. Setting action steps will ensure your team puts their best foot forward no matter where they work.

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